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How Tribal Nations Can
Drive Digital Processes And
Improve IT Operations

Tribal governments and leaders not only have the responsibility of maintaining the cultural heritage and significance of their people but must also adapt to the changing world around them. This includes preparing their citizens and businesses to evolve and remain relevant in today’s fast-paced world. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses and federal agencies around the world to rethink their digital strategies to allow employees to work from home.


Remote citizen and customer engagement became a must-have. Remote learning was
thrust to the forefront of our educational systems and became a priority for cloud resources,
while companies aimed to control software spending and manage assets for a distributed
workforce. Meanwhile, the ability to work from anywhere on any device became paramount.
Tribal Nations were not immune to these changes.

Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Tribal governments and leaders not only have the responsibility of maintaining the cultural heritage and significance of their people, but must also adapt to the changing world around them.

Digital Solutions That Empower Tribal Nations

Enter ServiceNow. In 2004, ServiceNow was founded with a vision to route work more efficiently and effectively across the enterprise. Fast-forward to 2021—when ServiceNow has become the leader in IT Service Management (ITSM), employee experience and engagement, customer and citizen engagement, and application development.


Many Tribal Nations received CARES Act funding to help enable remote work, Safe Workplace and return to the office initiatives, and overall digital transformation initiatives. ServiceNow is currently assisting Tribal Nations including the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Chickasaw Nation, and Seminole Tribe of Florida to:

Provide consistent IT service delivery across any device. Fulfillers and requesters can initiate tickets through mobile, conversational tools like Teams or Slack, and any web-enabled device.

Manage software spend and license allocation for work from home or remote employees.

Create a single dashboard that compiles health screening data (temperature scans), ensures facilities are not overbooked, allows for adequate sanitization between meetings, tracks employee sentiment, and allows for contact tracing and hot spot categorization should any employee test positive for COVID-19.

Drive a digital transformation across siloed departments, functions, and applications by becoming a “system of action” that acts as the connective tissue across all disparate environments.

Take IT Operations To New Levels Of Efficiency

CIOs and IT operations teams are tasked with ensuring that their services can keep up with today’s fast-paced demands. In the past few years, IT operations teams have been focused on eliminating outages and decreasing downtime. That is no longer enough. With the recent explosion of data sources, multiple stacks to manage on-premises and in the cloud, the need to meet demanding SLAs, and the ability to control cost, governance and shadow IT has become new priorities.

ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution can move IT operations from a
reactive team to one that works intelligently for the business. Tribal Nations can use it to
gain visibility across infrastructure and apps, maintain service health, and optimize
cloud delivery and spending.

ServiceNow is the platform of platforms that will lead the digital transformation revolution.

To achieve operational excellence, organizations must consolidate siloed point solutions
and provide a consistent service context and a single data model. With ServiceNow’s
ITOM (powered by AIOPs), customers around the world have been able to:

  • Establish full visibility across on-premises and cloud resources

  • Deliver business service health with AIOPs

  • Optimize spending on cloud usage and software

  • See a 98% reduction in event noise

  • Realize a 67% reduction in P1/P2 incidents

  • Benefit from an 80% reduction in outages

Accelerate Digital Transformations And Gain Visibility

Is your team struggling with IT operation management? Do you have full insight into your
resources, where they are, if they are secure if they are growing, and the overall cost? If not,
reach out to learn why Chickasaw Nation, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Muscogee
Creek Nation and the Seminole Tribe of Florida are using ServiceNow to drive their digital
transformation initiatives

Connect with our team.

Learn GlideFast Consulting can take your ServiceNow instance to new heights.

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