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Delaware Department of Labor

Streamlining Citizen Processes With ServiceNow's CSM

The Customer


The Delaware DOL connects people to jobs, resources, monetary benefits, workplace protections and labor market information to promote financial independence, workplace justice and a strong economy.


The Delaware DOL is responsible for the employment-related needs of nearly 506,000 Delaware workers and over 31,000 businesses throughout the state.


The Challenge

With the outbreak of a global pandemic, the Delaware Department of Labor (DOL) faced very serious challenges to ensure citizens had access to local services even when offices weren’t open. Their number of incoming cases increased from a couple hundred to nearly 2,000 new cases daily––sometimes 19,000 weekly.


In addition to this massive rise in case loads, the Department didn’t have one single point of entry for these new cases — they were receiving requests from multiple websites, email, and fax. In addition, they lacked visibility to accurately track solid metrics such as how many cases were open at a time or the lifespan of a case.


The Delaware DOL already used ServiceNow and worked with GlideFast Consulting to quickly implement Customer Service Management in order to solve these problems in a crisis situation and to future-proof their systems to make life better for their citizens.

Image by Brian McGowan

The GlideFast Consulting


The Delaware DOL needed a fast solution to the problems they were facing in order to simplify and streamline communication and response processes with citizens.


GlideFast Consulting proposed they implement Customer Service Management (CSM), Knowledge Management, and Virtual Agent in their ServiceNow instance in order to tackle the backlog of cases, assist with high volume of cases, and give their team insight on metrics and how to improve internal, digital processes.


Together, these ServiceNow solutions implemented by GlideFast Consulting worked to help deflect calls and guide citizens towards self-service.

The Results

Through an active engagement, strong team support, and expert knowledge and skills, the GlideFast team was able to complete the implementations and assist in training Delaware DOL’s staff in just 6 weeks.


This quick service delivery allowed the Delaware DOL to assist with their high volume of cases sooner, gave the team valuable insights on how to improve their internal processes, and look ahead to the future to better anticipate needs and continuously improve.

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