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Personalized Application On ServiceNow App Engine

U.S. State Government Organization - ServiceNow Solution 

The Customer

This U.S. State Government Organization's Department of Agriculture manages a program which connects farmers who need hay to feed their livestock with those who have surplus hay for sale. The program was initially managed through a phone hotline and paper listings, which proved to be inefficient and time-consuming.


To streamline the process, the U.S. State Government Organization partnered with a ServiceNow implementation partner to build a custom application on the ServiceNow platform.

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The Challenge

The customer was looking for a solution to help farmers and other users buy and sell hay more efficiently. The challenge they were facing was the lack of a centralized system that could manage hay listings, making it difficult for buyers and sellers to find each other and complete transactions. By creating the Hay Hotline custom application on the ServiceNow platform, the client was able to solve this challenge and provide a centralized platform for managing hay listings.


The application addressed the need for enhanced data accuracy, increased accessibility, and simplified search, making it easier for farmers and other users to buy and sell hay more effectively.

The Solution

Easy-to-use interface: The Hay Hotline has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for farmers and other users to search and find hay listings.


Enhanced data accuracy: We built new tables to support hay listings and workflows for hay listing approvals and updates, ensuring that all of the information in the system is accurate and up-to-date.


Increased accessibility: The Hay Hotline allows for public access of hay listing data, making it easy for anyone to search and find hay listings. Simplified search: We built a map page with filters for searching hay listings, making it simple and efficient to find the right hay for your needs.

Customizable access controls: We created roles and access controls that allow this U.S. State Government Organization to manage who has access to the hay listing data, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.


Robust reporting: We built one dashboard and five reports that provide valuable insights into the hay listing data, helping the customer make informed decisions.


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The GlideFast Consulting


Overall, the Hay Hotline custom application is an easy-to-use, accessible, and efficient system that helps farmers and other users buy and sell hay more effectively. With enhanced data accuracy, customizable access controls, and robust reporting, the customer can make better decisions and manage the hay listing data more effectively.


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