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IT Operations Management

What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It? 

What Is IT Operations Management? 

IT Operations Management (ITOM) refers to all the technology, services, and infrastructure an IT Department provides an organization, such as applications, storage, networking, hardware, and software. The goal of ITOM is to ensure an organization has a suite of high-performance IT services that are accessible anywhere, at any time. 

What Is ServiceNow ITOM? 

ServiceNow ITOM is a suite of applications that work together to automate operations management within an organization.

It’s a comprehensive solution to modern technology challenges such as integrating disparate IT processes, resolving service outages quickly, and simplifying cloud complexities by improving stakeholder visibility and control of an organization’s data, investments, projects, and workforce. With ServiceNow ITOM, businesses can design proactive, dynamic IT solutions and deliver high-performance IT services on demand. 

What Is The Difference Between ITOM And ITSM? 

IT Operations Management (ITOM) focuses on the processes IT teams follow to manage themselves and their internal activities and IT Service Management (ITSM) focuses on how services are delivered by IT teams to users. 


ServiceNow ITOM delivers a comprehensive and integrated set of ITOM capabilities that build seamlessly on your existing ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) investment.

Why Does Your Business Need ServiceNow ITOM? 

When implemented effectively, ITOM simplifies complex infrastructure and service management by consolidating your IT services into a single platform, increasing visibility, and improving IT speed and agility. 

For example, consider a company-wide software update. Your IT team carefully prepared for the update for weeks but on the go-live day, 10% of your staff do not receive the update. In fact, they can no longer use their software at all, dramatically impacting their ability to complete tasks. Without a modern ITOM solution in place, your IT team will have to navigate through disparate technologies to find the source of the issue and may have to make decisions with very little information, all while your staff sits on the sidelines. 

With ServiceNow ITOM in place, your team will be able to leverage applications like Service Mapping to quickly find the problem source, use ServiceNow Discovery to understand exactly what went wrong, and lean on Operational Intelligence to make a swift, educated decision backed by data. If you had already adopted ServiceNow ITOM, your IT team could have used Orchestration and prevented the update failure entirely. 


By reducing the frequency of outages, resolving issues more quickly, and offering your IT staff and users a better user experience, ServiceNow ITOM is the premier solution for your business.

ServiceNow ITOM in Action

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The Benefits of ServiceNow IT Operations Management 

ServiceNow ITOM delivers a unified, service-focused approach to IT — one that prioritizes a strong configuration management database (CMDB) foundation in order to drive efficient processes, facilitate the integration of processes within IT and the rest of your enterprise, and empower stakeholders with robust governance tools and guidelines. 

With ServiceNow IT Operations Management you can:

Image by Carlos Muza

Enhance company-wide visibility

of IT resources with Service Mapping and Discovery

Manage service


with AIOps, operational intelligence, & machine learning



and operational efficiency of your cloud environment

Transform your IT operations

into a service that delivers quality solutions to your organization

ServiceNow ITOM Applications To Implement For Your Business 

How exactly can ServiceNow ITOM support your IT operations? Let’s take a look at a few of ServiceNow’s ITOM applications and learn how they can provide service visibility across your data centers and cloud providers. 


ServiceNow Configuration Management Database 

ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is an easy-to-use, cloud-based single system of record for infrastructure and service data used across the entire IT value stream. ServiceNow CMDB serves as a single-source of truth and will help you better understand your IT’s environment, specifically its service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management. 

Building and maintaining a healthy CMDB is absolutely critical for utilizing the full benefits of the Now Platform. As IT infrastructure continues to grow in breadth and complexity, it is essential that your CMDB be a well-oiled machine.

Your CMDB is the backbone for maintaining high service availability, security, and visibility into IT operations not only within IT teams, but across your entire organization. It’s the foundation of your data. Monitoring and maintaining the health of the CMDB is essential to effective and continuous uses of ServiceNow. (1).png

What does a healthy CMDB look like?

Download our free guide ‘7 Ways To Set Up A Healthy CMDB’ for a comprehensive resource for cleaning up your CMDB.

Benefits of ServiceNow Service Mapping

Image by Carlos Muza



into IT services across your entire enterprise to quickly find and

resolve  issues

Leverage automation to reduce manual mapping efforts

and keep maps accurate and up-to-date with the latest service topology information

Develop a company-wide authoritative understanding

of your IT services and their various dependencies

Service Mapping

Service mapping creates a bird’s-eye view of how IT infrastructure and applications deliver business services. Service maps make it easier to identify root causes of outages or service reductions so that businesses can quickly and effectively restore services.

service-map-end-to-end-1-min.png.imgo (1

What is ServiceNow Service Mapping?

ServiceNow Service Mapping provides a full picture of IT processes and their interdependencies, offering incredible insight into how exactly IT is delivered across your enterprise. ServiceNow Service Mapping uses traffic-based discovery and infrastructure information in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to reveal relationships between applications, cloud service, and IT components. ServiceNow offers guidance through multiservice mapping processes and maps are automatically updated as changes occur, increasing service-awareness. 

Service Mapping

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ITOM and Service Mapping in ServiceNow


Once you have a strong data management foundation, you can achieve complete visibility to your on-premises and cloud resources with Discovery.


What is ServiceNow Discovery?

ServiceNow Discovery is an application in the Now Platform that enables users to identify business services, applications, and other assets in their organization’s network in order to create an integrated system and directory of how they all work together. Discovery offers an agentless way to update your CMDB with relevant hardware and software assets within your enterprise and tracks changes within your on-premises, multi-cloud, and serverless infrastructure. Implemented successfully, ServiceNow Discovery sets a strong foundation with accurate data within many other ServiceNow applications such as ITSM change management, Software Asset Management, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, and more.

Benefits of ServiceNow Discovery

Image by Carlos Muza

Gain robust


into what is happening in your IT environment so you can quickly get to the bottom of complex problems

Rapidly configure and

launch secure

agentless discovery of hardware, software, virtual and cloud resources

Accurately assess

service impact

analysis using hybrid infrastructure inventory and relationship information

ITOM Discovery Checklist.jpg

Gain visibility into your on‑premises & cloud resources with ServiceNow Discovery.

The implementation and management of Discovery is a continuous process. Download our free checklist to ensure a seamless implementation.

Event Management

In ITOM, Event Management is the process that monitors all events that occur through the IT infrastructure. An event is any notable occurrence that impacts the management of the IT infrastructure or delivery of service. Event management powers normal operation and also detects and escalates incidents.


What is ServiceNow Event Management?

ServiceNow Event Management utilizes predictive intelligence to correlate events and create actionable alerts, thereby reducing event noise generated by monitoring tools. When paired with Service Mapping and Operational Intelligence, ServiceNow Event Management will find the root cause of IT operations issues.

Benefits of ServiceNow Event Management

Image by Carlos Muza

Proactively eliminate

service outages

and resolve complex issues using automated remediation options

Increase your ROI of

existing tools

by consolidating events capture with integrating them with out-of-the-box connectors

Utilize advanced

machine learning

techniques to transform infrastructure events into actionable alerts and incidents

Event Mangement

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ServiceNow Event


Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

In ITOM, Event Management is the process that monitors all events that occur through the IT infrastructure. An event is any notable occurrence that impacts the management of the IT infrastructure or delivery of service. Event management powers normal operation and also detects and escalates incidents.


What is ServiceNow Operational Intelligence?

ServiceNow Operational Intelligence is an add-on application within the ServiceNow Event Management tool that allows users to spot and eliminate potential service-outage-causing factors through an Anomaly Map. By combining ServiceNow’s Event Management tool with the Operational Intelligence add-on application, you can proactively identify deviations before they cause service outages across your multi-cloud environment.

Benefits of ServiceNow Operational Intelligence

Image by Carlos Muza

Increase IT team productivity

and agility

by simplifying the decision-making process with intelligent analysis 



and resolve performance degradations

Improve user experience through infrastructure performance

visualizations by searching multiple configuration items that have the same issues


In ITOM, orchestration is the automated management, coordination, and calibration of several computer systems, applications, and services. While automation refers to automating one single task, orchestration is the automation of an entire workflow or IT-driven process made up of a series of tasks.  


What is ServiceNow Orchestration?

ServiceNow Orchestration allows you to easily combine each area of automation across every platform and create business rules that support the activity based on specific triggers and events. ServiceNow Orchestration provides a useful solution for organizations looking for a way to manage multiple cloud environments. With ServiceNow Orchestration, you can bring more value to the processes you already automate by integrating them in a holistic way, from start to finish.

Benefits of ServiceNow Orchestration

Image by Carlos Muza

Improve IT and accelerate processes

by simplifying complex tasks and workflows

Deliver speedier


with ready-to-use tools and templates, and native integration with ServiceNow Nonstop Cloud

Measure and

track ROI

and identify areas where automation would most benefit your company

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Cloud management is the process of maintaining and controlling cloud computing products and services. Successful cloud management combines several software products and technologies into a cohesive management strategy. As IT organizations increasingly move to cloud-based environments, cloud management is an essential asset to any IT team. 


What is ServiceNow Cloud Management?

ServiceNow Cloud Management is a powerful application that allows your IT department to fully equip cloud infrastructure and services while providing visibility into costs and providing consistent management. Within the application, users have access to cloud services creation, operational scheduling, cloud resource governance, and powerful cloud insights.

Benefits of ServiceNow Cloud Management

Image by Carlos Muza

Break down silos within your IT team

by collecting cloud data and resources into one location



to deploy cloud resources

on demand

Reduce manual work and redundancies

by automating cloud management

Extend the power of your Now Platform

by minimizing risks and managing costs with self-service delivery of cloud services

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Explore More ITOM Applications, Modules, and Features 

ServiceNow IT Operations Management offers many other applications, modules, and features your organization can consider implementing and use:

ITOM Health

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ITOM Visibility

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ITOM Optimization

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Are You Ready To Maximize Your Company’s IT Operations Management? 

As an Elite ServiceNow partner, GlideFast Consulting helps businesses leverage the full value of their ServiceNow investments. Partner with our team of experts to modernize your ITOM solutions and start gaining visibility, maintaining service health, and optimizing cloud delivery and spend. 

Our expert team of developers and architects have unique perspectives and skillsets when it comes to implementing, integrating, and managing a ServiceNow IT Operations Management solution that will transform your business. 

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