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Customer Service Management

What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It?

What Is Customer Service Management?

Customer service is the one-on-one interaction between a company and a customer. It’s a crucial touchpoint for organizations that are focused on improving the customer experience, building brand loyalty, and motivating users to independently advocate for your service. Customer Service Management (CSM) encompasses all the strategies, tools, and processes a company uses to offer customer service.

What Is The Difference Between Customer Service Management (CSM) And Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

What Is ServiceNow Customer Service Management?

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) is a product within ServiceNow Customer Workflow solutions. ServiceNow CSM uses machine learning to quickly route customer issues to the appropriately skilled agents. Customers are provided with self-service options, including automated solutions to recurring requests, conversational answers from a chatbot, Knowledge Base articles, and an online community of peers and experts.

Why Does Your Business Need ServiceNow Customer Service Management?

Think about the last time you had a positive customer service experience. How did it make you feel and how did it impact your perspective of the company? Did you tell your friends about the great service you received and go back to the company for more?

How about your last negative customer experience? Did it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Will you be giving the company your business again? Are you glad your relationship with them is finally over with? Did you tell your friends (or social media network) about this experience as well?

We have all witnessed the full range of customer service experiences from unpleasant, time-consuming, and unresolved to swift, enjoyable, and effective. These experiences stick with us and inform our decision-making, especially when we are paying for a service. Research shows that 73% of customers said an extraordinary experience from one company raises their expectations of experiences from other companies. In the ever-competitive world of digital technologies, it is increasingly important that companies offer their users a high-caliber customer service experience in order to maintain and expand their customer base.

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management, advanced technologies alleviate the many pain points of traditional customer service that can waste time and leave the user with unanswered questions. Users will have access to a plethora of self-service options such as automated solutions and knowledge base articles, empowering them to find exactly what they are looking for, right when they need it. Machine learning also routes tickets to the appropriate support agents so that your customer can get closer to their solution faster and your service team can be more productive.

The Benefits Of ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow ITOM delivers a unified, service-focused approach to IT — one that prioritizes a strong configuration management database (CMDB) foundation in order to drive efficient processes, facilitate the integration of processes within IT and the rest of your enterprise, and empower stakeholders with robust governance tools and guidelines. 

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management/Customer Workflows You Can:

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Empower customers to take control

of their product experience with an online customer self-service portal with chatbot, Knowledge Base, and community

Monitor issues, create and assign cases

and automatically reduce ticket and call volume with machine learning


with the Service Catalog

Improve customer-company relationships

by lowering barriers to communication

ServiceNow Customer Service Management Applications To Implement For Your Business

How exactly can ServiceNow CSM and customer workflows support your operations? Let’s take a look at a few of ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management applications and learn how they can improve the customer service experience.

Case Management

Case Management

Customer case management refers to the process a company uses to handle, direct, resolve, and report customer issues. Case management includes everything involved in bringing an issue to a close including the customer, the service representative, behind-the-scenes staff, and the technology and databases used to manage the case.


What Is ServiceNow Case Management?

ServiceNow Case Management simplifies and consolidates the case management process. Case forms can be easily customized and user interface (UI) elements bring consistency to the data collection process. Companies can define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure customers receive the timely case resolutions they expect and agents can quickly prioritize their case-load.

Using a third-party customer service provider? ServiceNow Case Management allows in-house and outsourced teams to conveniently collaborate while also maintaining data privacy standards and regulations. 

Benefits Of ServiceNow Case Management:

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Easily manage

with customizable forms

Utilize Service
Level Agreements

to meet and exceed customer expectations


without losing control, quality, and visibility


Thriving Through A Pandemic With ServiceNow

Agent Workspace

What Is ServiceNow Agent Workspace?

ServiceNow Agent Workspace is the command center for customer service on the Now Platform. Service representatives can use the CSM Agent Workspace to interact with customers, reply to inquiries, and resolve issues. Designed with customer service staff in mind, the CSM Agent Workspace helps an agent quickly resolve issues with automated suggestions powered by machine learning.

The single-pane view interface collects all the case details and context an agent needs and neatly organizes information into convenient tabs. Integrated communication channels also allow agents to communicate with customers in real-time in the same interface.


Benefits Of ServiceNow CSM Agent Workspace:

Image by Carlos Muza


to comfortably and safely multi-task with a clean and intuitive layout

Proactively identify
major incidents

based on issue frequency

Leverage AI-assisted

recommendations resolve customer issues more quickly and efficiently

Agent Workspace


Custom Service Management In ServiceNow


What Is ServiceNow Omni-Channel?

Servicenow Omni-Channel allows customers to interact with agents using a range of communication platforms such as email, chat, phone, social media, or even in-person. Using Customer Central in the Agent Workspace, agents can retrieve a historical view of the customer’s interactions with the company to gain context for their current conversation. Agents can also transfer customers across channels to offer the customer the most appropriate and effective communication platform.


Benefits Of ServiceNow Omni-Channel:

Image by Carlos Muza

Increase user satisfaction
and loyalty

by offering customers the choice of communication platform

Offer agents a convenient and consistent tool

for communicating with customers

Lower service

delivery costs

by routing customers to the best agent on the optimal channel


Share The Wealth

ServiceNow Event


Customer Central

Customer Central

What Is ServiceNow Customer Central?

ServiceNow Customer Central is a ready-to-use centralized view of customer-specific information. Customer Central brings together historical activity from self-service and live interactions to offer agents full context. It can be further customized to integrate additional data and provide insights like churn risk, recent transactions, and customer health scores.


Benefits Of ServiceNow Operational Intelligence

Image by Carlos Muza

Reduce work

and respect customer time by giving agents full context and visibility into interactions

Build a customized
Customer Central

portal that offers agents key metrics

route issues

to the best-suited agent to speed up resolution time

Playbooks For Customer Service

Playbooks provide step-by-step guidance for completing the tasks needed to resolve specific types of customer service cases.

What is ServiceNow Playbooks For Customer Service?


ServiceNow Playbooks for Customer Service provides agents with a visual step-by-step guide of the tasks required to address customer needs. Agents to add supplemental information to Playbooks, create tasks for other teams, start workflows, request or send information to customers, and run Guided Decisions processes. With ServiceNow Playbooks for Customer Service, businesses can automate complex customer service processes that span siloed teams and systems.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Playbooks For Customer Service:

Image by Carlos Muza

Improve first contact resolution

using Guided Decisions to direct customer service agents to optimal resolution

Empower agents to monitor progress

of downstream teams and give executive cross-team visibility

Use a visual Process Automation Designer

to define data and tasks needed to digitize complex processes

Leverage packaged Case Playbooks

on the ServiceNow Store



What Is ServiceNow Communities?

ServiceNow Communities offers customers and agents alike online forums to discuss issues, share ideas and experiences, and crowd-source solutions. Businesses can use gamification tools like points and badges to encourage community participation and set KPIs to monitor community health. Community solutions can easily be converted to knowledge articles. You can also set rules to automatically escalate unanswered questions into cases so no customer will be left hanging.




Benefits Of ServiceNow Communities:

Image by Carlos Muza

Generate fresh

business insight

and Increase visibility into customer and agent needs


operational costs

by leveraging the knowledge of passionate users

Build rapport with and among customers

to strengthen brand identity and product enthusiasm

Field Service Management

Field service management is the management of a company service that takes place on the property of a customer, rather than on the property of the company. In the technology industry, for example, field service may include on-site hardware installment or repair.

What is ServiceNow Field Service Management?


ServiceNow Field Service Management seeks to modernize field service with connected digital workflows. With the application, companies can assign the most qualified agents to a case and employ them with all the information they need to solve the problem on their first visit. Businesses can automatically schedule preventive maintenance orders, reducing potential downtime and customer frustration. Managers can also use agent maps to efficiently map technicians and tasks based on geographic locations, saving a company time, fuel, and money.

Field Service Management

Benefits Of ServiceNow Communities:

Image by Carlos Muza

Boost customer

by reducing on-site visit time and frequency

Equip agents with contextual knowledge

and an intuitive mobile app to deliver high-caliber and efficient service

Optimize agent


driving routes, and task capacity

Learn how GlideFast Consulting implemented a powerful CSM solution for Boston University

Implementation Services for ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Whether you’re already using ServiceNow or are looking to migrate to a cloud-based solution, GlideFast Consulting will maximize the full potential of your ServiceNow Customer Service Management implementation through tailored solutions and process expertise. As an Elite ServiceNow partner, GlideFast Consulting helps businesses leverage the full value of their ServiceNow investments.

Partner with our team of experts to modernize your CSM solutions and start boosting customer satisfaction, improving agent productivity, and building intelligent digital workflows. Our expert team of developers and architects have unique perspectives and skillsets when it comes to implementing, integrating, and managing a ServiceNow Customer Service Management solution that will transform your business.

Are you ready to offer your customers, users, and service agents a better customer service experience?

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