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Citizen Developers Enabled to Create Apps with App Engine

Public Services Company - ServiceNow Solution 

The Customer

Large public services are located all around the world. They wanted to enable citizen developers to create their own applications and reduce their reliance on their internal ServiceNow development team.


Their goal was to speed up the development process and empower their employees to create their own solutions.

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The Challenge

The customer's main challenge was finding a way to allow citizen developers to create applications in ServiceNow without giving them full access to the platform. They needed a solution that would allow developers to create apps quickly while still ensuring that the apps were secure and compliant with their internal policies and regulations.

The Solution

GlideFast Consulting proposed the ServiceNow App Engine as the solution to the client's challenge. The App Engine is a low-code development platform that allows citizen developers to create applications in ServiceNow without requiring full platform access. Developers can request access to create scoped apps in App Engine and must get approval from the ServiceNow development team before advancing the application from dev to test and then to prod.

GlideFast Consulting worked with the customer to document their business requirements and stories to ensure the successful delivery of their application. The team utilized the Agile methodology by working in sprints and following a planned effort instead of implementing a break/fix approach.


The GlideFast Consulting


With ServiceNow App Engine, this company citizen developers were able to create applications more quickly and with minimal assistance from the ServiceNow development team. The App Engine also enabled the developers to work collaboratively with other teams to develop and implement the application.

ServiceNow App Engine reduced the development time and cost for the client, while also ensuring compliance with their internal policies and regulations. GlideFast Consulting's expertise in the ServiceNow platform helped the customer to achieve their goals while ensuring the successful delivery of their application.

By leveraging ServiceNow App Engine and working with GlideFast Consulting, the customer was able to empower their citizen developers to create applications quickly and efficiently. The App Engine provided a secure, low-code development platform that allowed for collaboration between teams while reducing development time and costs.


With App Engine, the customer can continue to innovate and provide the best possible services to their customers.

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