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Is your company struggling to control its IT spending? Can’t control license compliance?

With ServiceNow’s Software Asset Management, you can take control of rogue spending and easily review license compliance of your on-premise and SaaS products.


Software Asset Management (SAM) runs on a single-architecture platform, enabling faster outcomes to gain visibility across the state of your infrastructure, applications, and risks. Discover our SAM Pro offerings below.

Test Drive - $2,500

Understand your SAM maturity level and roadmap your evolution. See your cloud software usage details inside ServiceNow.

Enablement of required SAM plugins

Workshop: SAM Intro, Maturity, and Value

SAM Program


Implementation of one SaaS integration for retrieving usage data

Quick Proof of Concept - $5,000

Learn how to leverage SAM Pro features to obtain a license position from your own data. Learn to load and manage software models and entitlements from a software expert.

Workshop: Understanding Reconciliation Results

Workshop: Working with Software Entitlements

Professional assistance bulk loading entitlements for 3 software products

Workshop: Maintaining SAM

Use what you’ve learned to identify cost and risk avoidance opportunities. View your desktop / laptop software deployment in ServiceNow. Get tailored expert recommendations for SAM Pro adoption.

Integration with SCCM v2016* OR one additional SaaS integration

Workshop: Understanding Your Software Landscape

For the length of the trial, reach a SAM professional who will answer questions regarding SAM Pro adoption and best practices

Activation of Data Normalization Services and normalization of selected SaaS publishers

Review ServiceNow Discovery for gaps in readiness for SAM Pro (if applicable) 

Quick Proof of Value - $10,000

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