Guides, checklists, and case studies.

Guides and Whitepapers

CMDB Guide

Gain Visibility in ServiceNow

Discover how to use a unified platform like ServiceNow and a single CMDB for IT visibility.

BCM Guide

Guide to Recovering from Crisis

Follow this guide in it in order to plan, exercise, and recover from disasters efficiently and effectively.

Custom Apps

Guide to Building Apps in ServiceNow

Follow this guide in it in order to build and integrate your own custom applications.



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Deploy A Secure Implementation

Follow the steps in our free guide to deploy and manage Discovery effectively from day one.

SAM Checklist

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Implementation Checklist

Prepare for your ServiceNow Software Asset Management Implementation


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Implementations Checklist

A free checklist to ensure a seamless ServiceNow implementation process.

Case Studies

GRC Implementation

Big Four Accounting Firm

Discover how we implemented a customized GRC solution that improved resilience to risk, automated compliance testing, and improve company decision-making.

Service Portal Solution

Life Time Fitness

Discover how we were able to increase knowledge base views and user adoption by 70% and create a 90% approval rating across the company’s 40,000 employees. 

Streamline Citizen Processes

State of Delaware

Learn how we helped implement a fast solution to the problems the DOL was facing in order to simplify and streamline communication and response processes with citizens.


What is ServiceNow?

A Platform Overview

Michael Lombardo, CEO of GlideFast Consulting, explains what ServiceNow is. This video will help you understand the ServiceNow platform.

Change Management

A ServiceNow Demo

Discover systematic approach to control the life cycle of all changes, facilitating beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption to IT services.

Zoom & ServiceNow

Integrating Both Apps Together

GlideFast designed a ServiceNow integration where you can create a Zoom meeting with the caller on any incident or case and the invite will be sent out automatically.

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