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Innovative Applications for ServiceNow

Custom applications designed to extend your ServiceNow investment

At GlideFast Consulting, our team of experts has built several custom applications to improve your business’s processes and take your ServiceNow instance to new heights.

Our NOW-certified applications include PhishBait, CRM Pro, FastTrack Recruiting, FastGov, Grüply, and QuickService. (4).png

An automated phishing email simulator built entirely in and for ServiceNow that allows companies to send fake phishing campaigns and identify high-risk users. (5).png

Convert prospects into customers and track ROI within ServiceNow.

Simplifies task management by merging ServiceNow approvals, incidents, and other workable tasks into a single prioritized queue.

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FastGov is powered by ServiceNow’s CSM app in order for government organizations to modernize citizen services and allow easy access to resources through customized self-service portals. 

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Looking to build your own custom ServiceNow application? 

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