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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)/ Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Private Research University - GRC ServiceNow Solution

The Customer

The client, a well-known Private Research University, was previously using ServiceNow, but they decided to newly implement ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). For this project, they wanted to partner up with GlideFast because they felt that all their expectations would be met for this project.


The implementation goals were to centralize data, improve their team’s quality of life when managing policies, compliance, and risks by reducing manual processes, improving document control, and removing the need for scattered spreadsheets and situations where the source of truth was unable to be determined. 


“Your training team is so polite and so flexible. We appreciate that they are wanting to deliver exactly what we are looking for. I am very impressed with that and even the initial drafts are very polished. I am looking forward to those training sessions!" - The Client Project Manager

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The Challenge

Before the start of the project, the client had challenges that prohibited their systems from running efficiently. The first issue was that they had a decentralized method of managing Policies, standards, and internal control procedures. Having a decentralized method for these procedures can make it difficult to coordinate, and can end up not being cost-effective. 


Another issue the client faced was the manual maintenance of monitoring risk acceptance, risk mitigation, and risk avoidance. In this case, there was no way to use their data to improve their risk-based decision-making, and that’s why they needed the support and expertise of GlideFast.

The Solution

The GlideFast project team proposed a solution that would:

  • Help the client implement a best practice Policy and Compliance solution and a standard risk management solution utilizing the ServiceNow platform based on vendor and industry best practices to provide support for the University’s Risk and Compliance team.

  • Provide the client with a centralized method of managing policies, standards, and internal control procedures that feeds into the ServiceNow reporting module for data-driven decision-making. 

  • Implement methods to continuously monitor and manage risk responses such as risk acceptance, risk mitigation, and risk avoidance that feed into the ServiceNow reporting module for data-driven decisionmaking.


GlideFast ensured that they did everything possible; when roadblocks and bottlenecks were identified, client and project team members had to work together to define clearer goals and an understanding of the delegation of duties to move the project forward. As Client and Project team members joined and left the project, the remaining Client and Project teams had to adapt quickly to changes in the team environment and resources, using creative solutions to achieve the overall project goals.


Everyone that remained on the project throughout the project changes, had to work towards an environment of collaboration, support, and positivity. With everyone’s contribution, the project was able to overcome the initial obstacles and achieved a successful delivery measured by stakeholders' satisfaction with the result, and their ability to take ownership of the product by educating new members of their stakeholder team without assistance.

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The GlideFast Consulting


GlideFest accomplished the objectives listed in the proposed solution successfully. The Client felt that we had proof of success when the stakeholders not only understood the new platform and processes but they took ownership of it and they were able to teach a new joiner how to use the new platform while we were moving towards Go-Live. 

This is a recurring partnership with the client. We had a concurrent project with them for HAMPro, and we have three active projects (Sponsored Account), (CSM for SSI), and (CSDM Clean Up). 

“As a PM, I work on other projects at the University with other consultant companies and I find myself wishing that they would be more like GlideFast. From your prompt response times and clarity of communication, to the quality of your development work and the thoroughness of the documentation you provide us; I greatly appreciate the projects where I am able to work with GlideFast!” - Client Project Manager

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