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Working with Employee Notifications (San Diego)

With Manan Bhatt

In this article, we will discuss notifications, particularly the ones that have been introduced since the San Diego release. These are customer-facing, and the look and feel are much more appealing than the older versions. Today, we will go through updating these notifications and making them more aligned with your customer branding, using out-of-the-box ones as a foundation.

Opening the Employee Notification Template

We will start by navigating to System notification > Notifications. We will then open the incident was opened notification record. Under the what it will contain tab, we have the email body defined, but the real magic happens within the email template. We will click on the preview icon and hit open record to open the employee notification


The template is located in the employee experience foundation scope. Let's go back to the main window and change our scope (reference video at 1:20). We will return to the email template and refresh the page. Our changes need to be made on the employee notification layout email layout.

Updating Logo

To update the NOW logo, you simply click on the image, and then click the insert/edit image button. You can either add an attachment from your local device or choose an existing image from the image library. For the purpose of the demo, let's choose an image from the image library and hit save. Now, all we need to do is resize the logo which best suits the layout.

Changing the Background Color

Next, we will update the background color. In order to change the background color we will need to update the HTML source code. To do this, we go to source code and the line of code we are looking for is going to be background color. For this example, the background color is applied to different rows, so if we try to look up this particular color you will see it is used in several rows. To replace all of these with a different color, you could start by clicking shift-control-R and then specify what you need to change.

We will enter the hex code for the current color, hit enter, and then enter hex code of the color you want to change it to, and then hit OK. To see the end results, navigate back to the main notification record, refresh if needed, and hit the preview notification button on the top right. You’ll then see what your email looks like now.

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