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What’s New In ServiceNow’s CSDM 3.0

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

With the release of Common Service Data Model 3.0 (CSDM 3.0), ServiceNow continues to adapt the platform to fill the ever-changing need of creating a system of record for Digital Products and Services.

The culmination of CSDM 3.0 and introduction of Service Graph and its associated connectors now provides the visibility and means to manage Digital Products across every layer.

As mentioned in every release of CSDM, this is not to provide a product to implement or a process guide for any of ServiceNow products, but rather to give you guidance on standard definitions and terminology, OOTB tables, and best practices for data and service modeling.

The CSDM framework will allow you to gain value from your specific products and use cases while ensuring it is supported by the platform as Digital Products and Services continue to evolve.

Graphic of the Common Service Data Model 3.0
Source: CSDM 3.0 White Paper, ServiceNow

Key Updates in 3.0 and Paris Release

New Foundation Domain

The new Foundation domain contains the base level data that will be referenced across the other domains, including Organizational Structure, Locations, Users and Group, CMDB Groups, Products/Models, and Contracts. The Foundation domain does not necessarily have explicit connections to the other domains, but instead contains important referential data.

Preview of Foundation Domain
Source: CSDM 3.0 White Paper, ServiceNow

Relabel of Dynamic CI Group (cmdb_ci_query_based_service) and creation of new Technical Service (cmdb_ci_service_technical)

The relabel of table - cmdb_ci_query_based_service called Dynamic CI Group has now removed the confusion of the Technical Service used in Event Management. Dynamic CI Group continues to be groupings of CIs based on CMDB queries. Technical Service is no longer a cmdb_ci_service class with a Classification – “Technical Service” with it’s own table “cmdb_ci_service_technical”.

Expanded Product Views

CSDM 3.0 has now published several additional product-focused views to help align customers to CSDM during product implementations. The Product Views now include APM, Change, CSM, Incident, ITOM Health and Visibility, Service Catalog and SPM.

CSDM Application Navigator Module

With the ServiceNow Paris release comes a new Module highlighting the key Domains along with the associated CI Classes.

Application Services Dashboard

A new Dashboard contained within CSDM Module allows you to track key metrics for Application Services including missing critical data, Application Service types and population methods, and Infrastructure Cis (such as Servers and Databases) not belonging to an Application Service.

Additional Relabeling of Service Tables

A few more relabeling items within the services table highlighted below:

CSDM and CMDB Data Foundations Dashboards

Two new Dashboards are available in Orlando and Paris via the ServiceNow Store that help organizations track progress against the CSDM Framework as well as key foundational CMDB data insights.


Interested in learning more about What’s New In ServiceNow? Reach out to our team. We would love to learn more about your ServiceNow challenges and help your organization build better solutions.

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