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Useful Filter Operators

With David Nottingham

The video features David Nottingham, a Solutions and Business Process Consultant for GlideFast Consulting, sharing two useful operators for filtering change requests in ServiceNow. These operators can be extended to other tables as well.

The first operator discussed is the "is one of" operator, which allows the creation of a list to filter out specific change numbers. By placing the list of change numbers in the input value field of the number field, the query will filter the list accordingly. This operator can also be used for other fields, such as the "State" field, where specific states can be selected to filter the results.

The second operator mentioned is the "relative" operator for date fields. This operator enables filtering based on relative time frames. For example, by using the "after" and "before" operators with relative time frames, it is possible to filter change requests based on the planned start and end dates. This allows for flexibility in finding changes within specific time frames, such as the next few hours, days, or months.

David demonstrates the usage of these operators by running queries and adjusting the time frames. The examples provided include filtering changes based on specific time ranges and finding changes within certain time frames using relative dates.

In summary, the video showcases two operators for filtering change requests in ServiceNow: the "is one of" operator for creating lists and filtering based on specific values, and the "relative" operator for filtering based on relative time frames for date fields. These operators can be valuable tools for effectively filtering and analyzing data in ServiceNow.


About GlideFast Consulting, A Division of Apex Systems

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