Share the Wealth: Interactive Performance Analytics (PA) Filters in ServiceNow

Updated: Apr 22

Speaker: Tiffany Royer

In this week’s Share the Wealth video, Tiffany Royer of Pharicode gives an overview and demonstration of Interactive Performance Analytics (PA) Filters in ServiceNow.

What are Interactive Filters?

Interactive Filters allow users to filter report widgets directly from a homepage or dashboard without modifying the reports. A user can create an interactive filter and add it to a homepage or dashboard as a widget. It is important to note you must have a licensed version of Performance Analytics to create new interactive filters.

Filter Types

ServiceNow offers seven different types of filters that you can create. Selection is limited, so custom types will have to be created if needed. The standard filters include Choice List, Reference, Date, Boolean, Group, Empty/Non-Empty, and Cascading Filters. The UI control types give you the following options for displaying the filter: Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Select Single Input, and Select Multiple Input.

Additional Features

Tiffany further explores creating a standard interactive filter, dashboard examples, making a report as an interactive filter, custom interactive filters, DashboardMessageHandler, debugging, and custom interactive filter limitations.

Demo Reports

A brief walkthrough on demo reports is provided using a standard Out of Box filter and a small custom filter. A pie chart is used as a table option to show how to create and save reports.

Interactive & Custom Filters

Interactive Filters are created by going to the Interactive Filter option in the application navigator. A custom filter is applied by creating a Dynamic Content Block. In this example, Tiffany creates a simple filter with two buttons to demonstrate how the process works. She refers back to the Demo Dashboard to add the newly-created reports and demonstrate how the reference fields work. It is important to note that the custom filter can be found under the content block.

Additional Features

Additional features explored include filter options, customizable options, restrictions and limitations, widgets, and examples of coding for this feature.

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