Share the Wealth: Customer Service Management (CSM) in ServiceNow

Updated: May 12

Speaker: Top Tanti

In this week’s Share the Wealth video, Top Tanti of GlideFast gives an overview and demonstration of Customer Service Management (CSM) in ServiceNow.

What is CSM?

CSM, or Customer Service Management, in ServiceNow has a variety of flexibility and functionality. Some baseline functionalities of CSM include secured external access, self-registration, customer portal, consumer portal, chat/virtual agent, agent workspace, major issue (case) management, install base, email reply/reply all/forward, assignment workbench, actionable case flows, and close case flow. One of the main points of CSM is that internal users are able to give access to external users’ access for a B2B or B2C use case. With CSM in ServiceNow, there are two primary use cases: Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C).

Use Cases: B2B and B2C

B2B is one of the primary use cases of CSM. With B2B, the user will be dealing with accounts, contacts, partners, users and groups (agents/managers), product models and assets, service contracts, entitlements, customer relationships, asset relationships, and account teams. Account teams is a functionality that allows the user to set up teams for agents who work on specific accounts.

B2C is the other primary use case of CSM. With B2C, the user will be dealing with consumers, users and groups (agents/managers), and product model and assets.

Accounts and Contacts

Top provides an overview of an account record. Accounts support external customer (customer, partner, or both) and are associated to assets, service contracts entitlements, and SLAs. Contacts refer to a user record who is an employee of an account. A contact may only be associated with a single account but accounts may have multiple contacts.

Consumer Records

Consumer records represent the customers of a B2C case. These records have one primary address but may have multiple addresses associated with the profile. There is the ability to create a user record that is associated to the consumer if access is needed for the consumer portal. The consumer also has the ability to go into the consumer portal and self-register; this automatically generates a user record. A consumer user is an extension of the user table.

Service Contracts and Entitlements

Service Contracts and Entitlements can be considered a Phase 2 CSM Implementation in ServiceNow. Service Contracts store information about the type of support that is provided to an account. This may include company, contact, and specific assets covered and may be associated to multiple entitlements and SLAs. Entitlements defines the type of support a customer receives and may be associated to product, asset, account, or contact. This feature identifies supported communication channels and is calculated using per unit basis, either by cases or hours.

Key Features

Top acts as a contact to show the display and features of the customer portal. The featured options include Knowledge, Requests, My Lists, Case, Support, and Notification. With the My Lists feature, there is the option to view All user cases, Action Needed, My Cases, and My Requests. Support feature provides the following options: Appointments, Assets, Contacts, Install Base, Orders, Publications, Products, Support Profile, and Work Orders.

Case Menu

The user has the ability to create a case for Install Base, Product Case, or Order Case. Install Base relates the case to you or your account. Product Case relates the case to a particular product. Order Case relates the case to importing orders from another system unless generated in ServiceNow.

Additional Features

Top walks through the process behind creating a product case on the user end. He later goes into the agent side to display the agent workspace and demonstrate how that case can be fulfilled from the other end.

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