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Share the Wealth: Mobile Applications ServiceNow Orlando Feature

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

In this week’s Share the Wealth video, Jeff Pierce of GlideFast Consulting and Meghan Ahrens of Pharicode give an overview of Mobile Applications in the ServiceNow Orlando Feature.

Dashboards for Mobile

Previously, there were no dashboards for mobile. This new feature provides the following functions:

  • Performance Analytics Widget on aisle score. Relevant for reporting on KPIs and metrics.

  • Reporting on score (single score) and time series chart (area, line, spline, step line) to show the current state of instance data.

Tap the chart UI sections in your applet launcher to open reports and analytics information displaying the status of instance data.

Mobile Device Management Configuration for Authentication Page or Browser

You can now set up Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for NOW apps. This provides the following functions:

  • Administrators can define different default browsers to open a mobile application’s authentication page. The option enables you to use either devices’ in-app browser and/or external browsers.

Use an EMM suite (AirWatch, Microsoft Intune, Citrix XenMobile, MobileIron Mobile Device Management, etc.) to distribute the ServiceNow mobile app or the ServiceNow Classic mobile app.

Mobile Photo Search

Previously you could only search by text. This provides the following functions:

  • Give your users the ability to perform image-based searches using the objects around them.

Once you have a Firebase account, you can connect the account to your ServiceNow instance by entering your Firebase App ID and Web API key.

Mobile Analytics

Previously, there were no mobile analytics. This provides the following functions:

  • Monitor key performance indicators for users who access your instance through the mobile applications.

  • Generate customer reports on KPIs such as the % of users who close tasks through the apps and the length of time it takes them.

The Mobile Analytics plugin is activated by default in the NOW Platform.

Navigation to the Applet Launcher

The applet launcher was previously accessed only in the first screen of a tab. This provides the ability to launch to an applet launcher from any screen within an application.

Create a new Navigation function and associate it with a specific location in the app.

Create a Contextual Link to Virtual Agent

Previously, only table and sys_id of a record were passed to virtual agent. Now you can additionally send any field value as a parameter. This provides the following functions:

  • You can use these parameters in Virtual Agent script.

  • You can link a VA button to a specific Virtual Agent topic.

  • This helps provide more finely tuned support through Virtual Agent.

Configure a Mobile Action, then define the UI Parameters.

Configure an Embedded List for a Form Applet

Embedded lists on a form was not previously supported. This allows you to easily embed useful lists into record form views.

Create a Relationship Data Item, and configure it appropriately.

Hide Empty UI Sections

Previously, empty form sections would take up space. A clean home is a happy home.

Check the box “Hide when empty” in the UI Section of your Applet launcher.

Mobile Application Management Integration

Previously, there were no native integrations with mobile policy enforcement tools. You needed to add these through customizations, which were extremely difficult. Now, there are versions of the Agent, NOW, and Onboarding apps available that are directly integrated with the mobile policy enforcement tools Blackberry Dynamics and Microsoft Intune.

Download the appropriate version of the app from the Apple or Google App store and configure these mobile policy options:

  • App protection without device enrollment

  • Restrict copy/paste

  • Attachment Control

  • Remote wipe

  • MSFT conditional access (Microsoft Intune)

  • Dynamic VPN (Blackberry Dynamics)

Mobile Branding

Previously, you were not able to create themes for the mobile app. Now, you can configure the colors for such elements as headers, links, buttons, and icons.

Request a custom branded version, or System Mobile > Mobile Branding > Client Themes.

Configure an Input for Multiple Scans

Previously, you could only scan one value per input field. This provides the following functions:

  • Scan multiple times per input field.

  • Manage your scans on a review screen.

Configure a grouped input.

Currently Supported Mobile Apps

Agent App

  • Approvals — Catalog requests, requested items, change requests

  • Change Management

  • Customer Service Management

  • Event Management

  • Field Service Management

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Incident Management

  • Security Incident Response

  • Vulnerability Response

Onboarding App

  • New hire to-do’s, media, content, chat, and more.


  • Self-Service

  • Service Catalog

  • Knowledge Articles

  • My Requests

  • My To-Dos


Interested in working with experts like Jeff and Meghan? Reach out to our team. We would love to learn more about your ServiceNow challenges and how we can help your organization build better solutions.

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