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Share the Wealth: How To Use ServiceNow Guided Tour Designer

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

In this week’s Share the Wealth video, Jonathan Jackson of GlideFast Consulting gives an overview and demonstration on ServiceNow Guided Tours.

What are ServiceNow Guided Tours?

ServiceNow Guided Tours are on-screen live tours or tutorials of the platform that can be used for user onboarding to new features. A tour can be restricted by role so you can have different tours of the platform based on the user’s role. It can be used in PROD and sub-prod instances depending on your need.


Instances originally created on Jakara or later are enabled by default. For pre-Jakarta instances, you will need to activate the Plugins module.

Below are three system properties that you may need to adjust depending on what types of tours you want to have available:

  • Allows Standard UI tours: com.snc.guided_tours.standard_ui.enable

  • Allows Portal tours: com.snc.guided_tours.sp.enable

  • Allows Custom UI tours: com.snc.guided_tours.custom_ui.enable

Things to Consider

Think about the audience for your tour. Do they see the same view? Do they see the same fields? Are there any conditional widgets or menu items (e.g., My Approvals)?

Tours will fail if a user gets to an element they cannot see. Use the “Skippable” option, which will ignore the fact that the element is not available and will allow the user to continue the tour.


The demonstration can be viewed in the video above. This demo is given in two perspectives:

  • Portal view — introduction to end users

  • Standard UI — fulfiller training


Interested in working with experts like Jonathan? Reach out to our team. We would love to learn more about your ServiceNow challenges and how we can help your organization build better solutions.

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