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ServiceNow Utah Upgrade Checklist

The Utah Release

In March and September of each year, ServiceNow unveils its latest release, named after a global location. In Q1 (1st January – 31st March), ServiceNow users are able to upgrade to the Utah release. New Utah release versions are released throughout the year. To view a full list of Utah release versions, refer to Available patches and hotfixes. Future release dates are subject to change.

To discover the maximum advantages of your ServiceNow investment, it is vital that you keep your organization’s instance up-to-date with the latest release and perform with a dependable implementation partner to guarantee a seamless transition.

While each release is accompanied by an extensive list of product upgrades and new features, the most substantial new additions to the Utah release are the Industry Solutions that ServiceNow has created.

Upgrade Best Practices

Upgrading and patching your instance requires planning, testing, and validation. To ensure a safe and effective upgrade, read the release notes, create upgrade plans, and test your upgrade on non-production instances before upgrading your production instance.

There are a few additional steps that our certified and expert consultants recommend for every upgrade. This checklist shares Utah’s newest features along with general steps you should follow before upgrading to the Utah release of the Now Platform.

What’s New In The Utah Release?

Overview: The ServiceNow® Utah release includes new products and applications, as well as additional features and fixes for existing products.

  1. Deliver simplified experiences that drive productivity and satisfaction with Next Experience — Theme Builder, mobile theming, and workspaces.

  2. Create organizational agility to innovate with flexibility and scale with the new product introduction of Health and Safety for workplace incident management.

  3. Drive purposeful automation and optimize processes with Process Optimization expansion.

GlideFast’s Most Notable Feature Picks

HR Service Delivery

Boost employee productivity and engagement

  • Workforce Optimization for HR: Increase HR efficiency with team management that enables increased visibility into team skills, training, and schedules for better workload balancing​. Create learning opportunities with ​AI-powered recommendations​ and visualize and validate demand forecast based on historical workload​.

  • Manager Hub enhancements: Visualize in-depth performance ​analytics and team trends on ​new team insights pages​. Easily suggest actions with proactive prompts and AI recommendations that drive increased engagement and leverage out-of-the-box suggestions ​to create content for your team.

IT Service Management

Automate and optimize technology service operations

  • Service Operations Workspace enhancements: Incorporate the full change ​lifecycle experience with dynamic pages for all states​. Simplify change scheduling with access ​to all aspects of the process in a single view​ and investigate incidents, in-context, with metrics and data from Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

  • Success Dashboard: Measure the success and maximize the value of your ServiceNow product portfolio including IT Service Management, HR Service Delivery, Legal Service Delivery, and Workplace Service Delivery all via a single dashboard. Analyze performance with added context from peer comparisons​ and identify improvement areas with Automation Discovery to enhance value realization.

Security Operations

Transform security operations

  • Vulnerability Response Workspace: Create watch topics, remediation ​efforts, and tasks for all vulnerabilities ​and misconfigurations from a single view​. Schedule the recurring creation of remediation efforts and remediation tasks​.

  • Security Incident Response Workspace: Leverage all ​new analyst dashboards and investigation canvas to manage incidents and workload​. Leverage playbooks and recommendations to move ​through an investigation​ and orchestrate actions directly with ​out-of-the-box integrations.

Workplace Service Delivery

Deliver productive employee experiences ​and drive shared services efficiencies

  • Health and Safety: Enable employees to report safety incidents and near-misses with self-service information and reporting​. Deliver a role-based experience for report management, including the ability to export OSHA incident logs ​and annual summaries​. Enable safety teams to conduct investigations with an injury and ​illness log, perform root cause ​analysis, and assign corrective/preventative actions.

  • Workplace Space Management: Easily assign spaces and employees ​to neighborhoods and relate them to their department, cost center, or group​. Automate space requests ​by allowing the workplace system to identify and provide a best possible seating option and share spaces plans to secure approvals from stakeholders before scenario deployment​.

To learn more download our Utah Release Checklist


About GlideFast Consulting

GlideFast is a ServiceNow Elite Partner and professional services firm that provides tailored solutions and professional services for ServiceNow implementations, integrations, managed support services, application development, and training. Reach out to our team here.

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