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New Hardware Asset Management Features in the ServiceNow Utah Release

In this article, I’m going to go over some of the new Hardware Asset Management (HAM) features that are included in the Utah release of ServiceNow.

We’ll look at the following new features:

  • Procurement View in the Hardware Asset Workspace

  • Pallet Assets

  • Asset Donation Flow

Procurement View in the Hardware Asset Workspace

Within this new release you can easily view and manage all procurement related information such as purchase orders, procurement requests, sourcing tasks, and receiving slips. The procurement view gives you the full visibility of your procurement operations, and enables you to take action on anything related to procurement.

The workspace itself contains the following widgets and charts:

  • Purchase orders pending delivery

  • Requests pending approval

  • Expenditure by vendor

  • Orders by vendor

  • Requests by state for last 30 days

  • Requests that require sourcing

  • Open purchase orders

Pallet Assets

The Pallet asset class is a new asset class that is used to manage hardware assets in your inventory. The pallet asset class allows you to easily move hardware assets in groups between locations, or dispose of them together.

This new feature is a fantastic addition to the hardware asset management application, as it allows you to manage assets in bulk, and identify if assets are stored in pallets, bins, boxes, or containers.

With the new pallet assets feature, you can perform the following actions:

  • Add assets to a pallet

  • Remove assets from a pallet

  • Delete pallet assets

  • Add pallets to transfer orders and disposal orders

Asset Donation Flow

The new asset donation flow in ServiceNow allows you to easily donate hardware and consumable assets to charities through the use of an asset donation order.

The asset donation flow takes you through multiple stages when you submit an asset donation order, and ensures that all steps are completed before an order is complete.

Please note, when asset donation orders are submitted, they’ll need to be approved or rejected by an asset manager.

With the new asset donation order feature, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create an asset donation order

  • Approve or reject an asset donation order

  • Process an asset donation order

  • Add a charity organization for donating assets


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