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New Hardware Asset Management Features in the ServiceNow Tokyo Release

In this article, we're going to cover some of the new Hardware Asset Management (HAM) features that are included in the Tokyo release of ServiceNow.

We’ll look at the following new features:

  • Hardware Asset Management guided setup

  • Content lookup portal page

  • Hardware asset contract renewal workflow

  • Asset Management Executive dashboard

Hardware Asset Management Guided Setup

The new Hardware Asset Management guided setup feature takes system administrators through a sequence of Hardware Asset Management configuration tasks. This useful feature helps organizations get started with the Hardware Asset Management application.

In general, guided setups are very beneficial as they easily guide you through the necessary steps in configuring the core features for an application in the platform.

Content Lookup Portal Page

The IT Asset Management content lookup portal allows you to view hardware products and model numbers contained in the Content Service from ServiceNow. This portal is a fantastic feature if you’re looking to search for specific hardware products, and would like to view their information and/or lifecycle dates.

This portal creates a user-friendly way to interface with the rich product data included with the Content Service. Whether you’re planning a major refresh, or simply wanting to look at other products out there, this portal page will add a lot of value to your IT asset management practice.

The Content Lookup portal retrieves records from the following tables:

  • Hardware Product [sn_hamp_hw_product]

  • Hardware Model Library [sn_hamp_hw_product_model]

The portal page also informs you of the next content update from ServiceNow.

Hardware Asset Contract Renewal Workflow

The hardware asset contract renewal workflow allows asset managers and contract administrators to easily renew hardware contracts that are nearing their expiry date or are already expired. The renewal workflow takes you through a streamlined and managed process to ensure your contract renewals are done on time, without any disruption to your business operations.

Please note, the contract renewal workflow works in accordance with the following contract models:

  • Software license

  • Subscription contract

  • Maintenance

  • Warranty

In order to use the contract renewal workflow, you need to activate either the Hardware Asset Management Professional (com.snc.hamp) application or the Software Asset Management Professional (com.snc.samp) application from the ServiceNow store.

Asset Management Executive Dashboard

The all new Asset Management Executive dashboard gives you visibility into the critical KPIs relating your Hardware Asset Management and Software Asset Management operations in a single dashboard.

To access the Asset Management Executive dashboard, you’ll need to have the Hardware Asset Management application, or Software Asset Management application installed in your ServiceNow instance.

You can easily view the Asset Management Executive by navigating to the “Asset Executive Workspace” and then clicking on the “Asset Management Executive Dashboard”.

The Asset Management Executive dashboard include the following KPIs and charts:

  • Total asset spend (broken down by software, hardware, and cloud)

  • Actual savings (broken down by software and cloud)

  • Potential savings (broken down by software and cloud)

  • Asset fulfillment time (broken down by software and hardware)

  • Complete software success goals

  • Software success savings

  • Missing hardware assets

  • Software true-up cost

  • Expiring contracts in next 90 days

  • Assets pulled from pool vs. net new purchase

  • End of life models in next 90 days

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