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My Summer at GlideFast: Isobel Wilkes, Project Management & Marketing Intern

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This “My Summer at GlideFast” story features Isobel Wilkes, Project Management & Marketing Intern, who graduated from Converse College in May 2021. Isobel’s internship turned into a full-time position with GlideFast as a Project Coordinator.


What was your favorite part of your internship?

The company culture! Everyone is open to answering questions and helping out, so it’s a great environment to learn in.

How would you describe this internship experience at Glidefast?

An opportunity for not only growth but a future career path.

Discuss the strong points of your internship experience.

Communication was fantastic among everyone in the company, and people were more than happy to help you out or offer guidance in their area of expertise.

What is one thing that you learned that you’ll take along with you in your next job?

Honestly, this is my first job that’s used Slack for communication - and it’s an incredibly helpful tool. So probably that! On top of that, I expect my experience with ServiceNow to be useful in the future.

What did you find most intriguing about your GlideFast experience?

Getting to know ServiceNow more and how to work with it and navigate confidently from different perspectives.

Was there a situation where you had to overcome an obstacle and if so how did you?

Given the communication present in the company, there was always someone available to clear up any situation - so nothing ever actually went sideways!

If you could give advice to someone who is going to intern with GlideFast what would it be?

Don’t feel like you have to narrow yourself down into just one track - have a list of all the things you’re interested in, and contact different people who are in those areas! They’ll help you, so long as you know what you’re looking for.


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