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My ServiceNow Story: Robert Geen, Architect

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The team at GlideFast Consulting is full of passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic developers and architects. If there is one thing that we all have in common, it is our love for the ServiceNow platform and community. “My ServiceNow Story” is a blog series that will give you an inside look of the work and lives of the consultants at GlideFast Consulting and how they started and built their careers in the industry. Our consultants will share their stories with you and will lead you down the path that brought them to where they are today.

This ServiceNow Story features Robert Geen, an Architect based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


How were you first introduced to ServiceNow? What was your first job using the platform?

I was first introduced to ServiceNow in 2013, when I had to integrate with it to provide Configuration Item data for an ITSM implementation. I later helped the organization move off of that software and onto ServiceNow Discovery. This essentially began my transition onto the ServiceNow platform, and I never looked back.

My first experience was really in understanding the class model of ServiceNow—translating my previous CMDB knowledge over to the ServiceNow model and learning basic ways to integrate using import sets. Ultimately, I ended up syncing thousands of CIs between multiple instances using web service calls that called an import set and enabled my client to be able to reference previously discovered data while they slowly rolled out ServiceNow Discovery.

Once that project ended, the company I was with at the time made the move to becoming a full service ServiceNow partner, and I obtained my first certification by getting my Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS) - Discovery certificate. Soon after, I spearheaded an automation add-on for Service Mapping and began leading some of the first on platform Service Mapping engagement.

I spent over four years building my reputation as one of the go-to ITOM specialists in the field through community activity, partnerships with product management, and high customer satisfaction across the entire ITOM portfolio. It was roughly around 2017 when I first started taking notice of GlideFast and the amazing company that was taking shape. In 2019, I made the decision that GlideFast’s company culture was exactly what I was looking for, and I made the jump to help lead the ITOM side of the house.

I currently hold all of ServiceNow’s possible ITOM certifications and have begun expanding into the SecOps and Application Developer sides of the platform.

What other jobs have you had working with ServiceNow?

  • Discovery implementation of 40k devices

  • Service Mapping of 50 to 300 service maps

  • Development of best practice add-on for Service Mapping

  • Implementation of Event Management and incorporation of end-to-end process for large banking client

  • Implementation of integrations between different vendor tools in ServiceNow

  • Service Mapping across multiple different verticals (telecom, healthcare, public utility, finance, and MSP)

What are your primary ServiceNow skills?

I love to help customers maximize their ROI from investing in the IT Operations Management space. With 10+ years of experience in this space, I specialize in providing high customer satisfaction while enabling customers to be able to support themselves after project completion.

I currently hold Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, and Security Operations certifications along with being a certified system administrator.

What are your plans for the future in your career and in the ServiceNow industry?

I plan on being with GlideFast for the long haul and being a key player in the quest for Global Elite status. Solidifying GlideFast as the go-to partner for ITOM and continuing to give back to the community through Slack and community forums is of utmost importance to myself. I also plan on continuing my partnership with product management to provide feedback and ideas from real-world implementations with my clients.


Interested in working with the experts like Robert on the GlideFast Consulting team? Reach out to us here. We would love to learn more about your ServiceNow challenges and how we can help your organization build better solutions.

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