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My ServiceNow Story: Brian Wong, Architect

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The team at GlideFast Consulting is full of passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic developers and architects. If there is one thing that we all have in common, it is our love for the ServiceNow platform and community. “My ServiceNow Story” is a blog series that will give you an inside look of the work and lives of the consultants at GlideFast Consulting and how they started and built their careers in the industry. Our consultants will share their stories with you and will lead you down the path that brought them to where they are today.

This ServiceNow Story features Brian Wong, an Architect based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


How were you first introduced to ServiceNow? What was your first job using the platform?

I started out consulting with HP Software in the ITOM space back in 2010. Around 2014 - 2015, ServiceNow's name kept popping up as a serious competitor in ITSM and ITOM. Many of our customers either switched over or were seriously considering switching over. It was a no-brainer for those of us in the industry to make the switch to ServiceNow consulting permanently.

My first consulting experience with the platform was a PoV/PoC for Discovery, Service Mapping, and Event Management. I was only a few months into my ServiceNow journey, but luckily I had good support during this engagement and the similarities with my previous roles and experience still allowed me to be successful.

What other jobs have you had working with ServiceNow?

I was with my previous company for 10 years. This was my only ServiceNow job prior to joining GlideFast. However, my consulting experience has been quite varied, spanning across enterprise accounts, commercial accounts, and all sorts of verticals. No one client has been the same.

What are your primary ServiceNow skills?

My main area of focus is the ITOM and CMDB space; however, given the nature of the CMDB and its touchpoints, your focus and understanding really does need to expand into many areas of the platform, including APM, Compliance, ITAM, ITSM, SecOps, and more.

I've also been involved with the CSDM, helping customers understand its many nuances and how it can be applied to their environments.

I have certifications in Discovery, Event Management, Service Mapping, and Security Incident Response. I am hoping to add Cloud Provisioning and Governance shortly to round out the ITOM Suite in ServiceNow.

What are your plans for the future in your career and in the ServiceNow industry?

I'm very lucky to be a part of the GlideFast family and hope to grow my career here. The team and leadership here is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I know big things are going to happen!

The ServiceNow industry is constantly changing and evolving, so I'm not sure I’ll be able to predict where I'm going to be in the future, but I know I'll be involved with the platform in one way or another.


Interested in working with the experts like Brian on the GlideFast Consulting team? Reach out to us here. We would love to learn more about your ServiceNow challenges and how we can help your organization build better solutions.

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