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How to Restrict User Access to Catalog Items in ServiceNow

With Laurence Tindall

The video is a tutorial by Laurence Tindall from Glide Fast Consulting on how to restrict user access to catalog items in ServiceNow based on user criteria. Laurence explains the importance of restricting access to certain catalog items within an organization and provides examples like high-performance laptops for c-suite employees or networking equipment for the internal IT team.

The tutorial starts by navigating to the "Maintain Items" module in the Service Catalog application. Laurence demonstrates how to search for a specific catalog item, such as "Sales Laptop," and opens the item's form. Towards the bottom of the form, there are two related lists: "Available For" and "Not Available For." These lists allow controlling the availability of the catalog item based on user criteria.

To restrict access to the catalog item, Laurence focuses on the "Available For" related list and explains that adding a user criteria in this list will make the item available only to users who meet the specified criteria. Laurence clicks on the "New" button in the related list and fills in the user criteria form. Fields like "Users," "Groups," "Roles," "Companies," "Locations," and "Departments" are available to define the criteria. Laurence selects "Sales" in the "Department" field to restrict access to members of the sales department.

Next, Laurence demonstrates a demo by impersonating a user who is not part of the sales department and shows that the "Sales Laptop" catalog item is not visible to them. Then, by impersonating a user who belongs to the sales department, Laurence confirms that the catalog item is visible to them.

The tutorial concludes by emphasizing the simplicity and power of setting up user criteria for restricting user access to catalog items within the Service Catalog.


About GlideFast Consulting, A Division of Apex Systems

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