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How to Redirect End Users to Employee Center in ServiceNow

With Saloni Suthar

The video tutorial is presented by Saloni, a Technical Consultant at GlideFast. She demonstrates how to redirect end users to the Employee Center instead of the back-end UI in ServiceNow.

Saloni begins by creating or updating a system property. She navigates to the "sys_properties" table and checks if the property "" exists. If it doesn't exist, she creates a new one. The name of the property is "", with the type set to "string." The value of the property is new SP entry page.get first page URL to invoke the SP entry page script include.

By creating this property, end users will be redirected to the Service Portal by default. However, Saloni wants to redirect them to the Employee Center instead. To configure this, she goes to the "script_include" table and finds the SP entry page script include. She modifies line 24 by changing the URL suffix from "SP" to "ESC" to redirect users to the Employee Center. She saves the changes.

Next, Saloni impersonates a user named "Able Tutor" who doesn't have any roles to verify if he gets redirected to the Employee Center. It is confirmed that he is successfully redirected to the Employee Center as desired.

In conclusion, Saloni demonstrates how to redirect end users to the Employee Center by creating or updating system properties and modifying the script include.


About GlideFast Consulting, A Division of Apex Systems

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