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How to Delete The Related Configuration Item (CI) of an Asset in ServiceNow

With Laurence Tindall

In this ServiceNow tutorial by Laurence Tindall from GlideFast Consulting, he demonstrates how to delete the related configuration item (CI) of an asset while keeping the asset record in the system.

Laurence begins by explaining the scenario where unwanted CIs are created automatically when creating hardware assets in ServiceNow. He mentions that later, during CMDB cleanup, it is common to come across unnecessary CIs that need to be deleted while preserving the asset records.

To delete the CI, Laurence navigates to the hardware assets module and opens the specific hardware asset that has a related configuration item. He clicks on the information icon next to the configuration item field and selects the "Open Record" button. This takes him to the configuration item form.

To remove the relationship between the hardware asset and the CI, Laurence configures the related lists. He right-clicks on the form header and selects "Configure Related Lists." In the configuration window, he moves the "Asset Configuration Item" related list from the available column to the selected column and saves the changes.

Next, Laurence enables the edit button in the assets related list. He right-clicks on the column headers, selects "Configure," and unchecks the "Omit Edit Button" field. After clicking "Update," he clicks the edit button in the assets related list.

To remove the relationship, Laurence moves the Apple MacBook Pro asset from the selected list to the available list and saves the changes. This effectively removes the relationship between the asset and the CI.

Finally, Laurence demonstrates that the configuration item can now be deleted without affecting the hardware asset. He clicks the delete button, and the confirmation modal only includes the CI, not the hardware asset.

Laurence concludes by stating that the related CI has been successfully deleted while preserving the hardware asset record.


About GlideFast Consulting, A Division of Apex Systems

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