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How to Create a New Service Catalog Category in ServiceNow

With Laurence Tindall

The video is a tutorial on how to create a new service catalog category in ServiceNow. The host, Laurence Tindall, explains that a service catalog category is used to logically group catalog items together, providing an enhanced user experience and making requests faster and easier. He demonstrates how to create a new category called "IT Equipment" and shows how to build a hierarchy by making existing categories ("Hardware" and "Software") child categories of the "IT Equipment" category.

The tutorial begins by opening ServiceNow and navigating to the "Maintain Categories" module under the Service Catalog application. A list of existing service catalog categories is shown. To create a new category, the host clicks on the "New" button and fills in the title as "IT Equipment" and selects the appropriate catalog. The remaining fields on the form are left blank as they are optional. After submitting the form, the new category is added to the list.

Next, the host explains how to create the hierarchy by searching for the "Hardware" and "Software" service catalog categories and populating the parent field with the "IT Equipment" category. This establishes a parent-child relationship between the categories.

To view the created categories in the service portal, the host instructs the viewer to add "SP" to the end of the instance's URL, which takes them to the service portal. Clicking on the "Catalog" link and then selecting "Browse by categories" displays the service catalog with all the available catalog items. The newly created "IT Equipment" category is shown, and when expanded, the "Hardware" and "Software" categories appear as child categories underneath it.

The host concludes by emphasizing the simplicity of creating a new service catalog category and its benefits in organizing the service catalog efficiently. The video ends with a reminder to subscribe to the channel for more tutorials.


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