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How to Change Default Fonts on a Service Portal in ServiceNow

With Manan Bhatt

In this article, you will learn how to change the default fonts on the Service Portal in ServiceNow. It's a quick and efficient process that can be helpful when a client wants their custom fonts applied on the Service Portal instead of what came out of the box. There’s more than one way of achieving this, but we will go over just one.

Uploading your Font

The first step would be to download the needed fonts. Once you have the font handy, you upload it to ServiceNow. To upload the font to ServiceNow, navigate to Service Portal Portals, and click on your portal. Then, click the information button next to the theme field and hit open record.

On the theme record, we would use the paperclip icon to add our font as an attachment. For our example, we have downloaded a Harry Potter themed font that we will use. Next, you need to get the sysID of your font attachment. Navigate to sys_attachment.list, locate your font, right-click and hit copy sysID. Make sure you save the sysID as we would need this during our next steps.

Now we will go back to the theme form, scroll down, and hit new under the CSS Includes related list. This is where we will enter the name’ for our example, let's name this Harry Potter CSS. Once you’ve selected a name, right-click the header and select save.

We will then click the magnifying glass on the stylesheet field and click new. We'll give this a name and hit save; for this example, we will use Harry Potter CSS. Now, all we need to do is adjust the CSS where we want the fonts changed. For the purpose of our demo, we will use a pre-written CSS block which should update the fonts on the whole portal. You can name the font face whatever you like, but don't forget to update the font face URL with the attachment sysID that we copied earlier.

We'll save this one final time and make sure the style sheet is applied to our CSS Include record. Now, we will navigate to our Service Portal and see how our changes look. If your changes do not show up, clear your instance cache and refresh your portal.

Did you find this How to Change Default Fonts on a Service Portal in ServiceNow article helpful? Are you ready to start your journey with ServiceNow? If you want to find out more information about GlideFast Consulting and our ServiceNow implementation services, you can reach out to us here.


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