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GlideFast+ is The Future of ServiceNow Training

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

GlideFast Consulting has launched a new platform that will enhance ServiceNow training and enable more career opportunities in the industry called GlideFast+.

Boston, MA (September 12, 2022)--GlideFast Consulting, the 2022 Elite ServiceNow Partner of the year and leading IT consulting, implementation, and development company, released GlideFast+ today. GlideFast+ is an on-demand training platform that GlideFast Consulting launched that allows you to enroll in ServiceNow courses across all areas of the platform. This new product enables individuals and organizations to truly unlock the power of the ServiceNow platform.

"GlideFast+ will fundamentally change the game on learning ServiceNow and growing careers. We have big plans to make an impact on the entire ecosystem. GlideFast+ will continue to grow into a massive library of exclusive knowledge and expertise to be accessible to the entire world.” -Michael Lombardo, CEO of GlideFast Consulting

All courses are hands-on in ServiceNow, and allow you to follow along step by step, and enable you to really learn the subject at hand. Our courses prepare you for using ServiceNow in real world scenarios. To check out GlideFast+, you can visit All of the courses and content have been created by ServiceNow industry experts at GlideFast, so all of the courses are packed with tons of valuable information and follow ServiceNow's best practices.

Whether someone is new to IT, just getting started on ServiceNow, or a seasoned professional, these self-paced courses are perfect for anyone to learn everything there is to know about ServiceNow.

“As someone with a track record in online course creation, I'm thrilled to be able to launch GlideFast+ into the ServiceNow ecosystem. With an ever growing demand for ServiceNow talent, GlideFast+ will enable organizations and employees to have access to high quality and affordable ServiceNow training at their fingertips.” -Laurence Tindall, Technical Consultant and Lead Developer behind GlideFast+

GlideFast+ currently offers courses in ServiceNow Essentials, IT Service Management (ITSM) in ServiceNow, Hardware Asset Management (HAM) in ServiceNow, and SAFe Fundamentals. The plan is to grow the platform to cover all areas of ServiceNow throughout 2022.

About GlideFast Consulting

GlideFast Consulting is an Elite ServiceNow Partner and professional services firm that provides tailored solutions and professional services for ServiceNow implementations, integrations, managed support services, application development, and training. Reach out to our team here.

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