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GlideFast Consulting Proves Its Expertise By Achieving 3 ServiceNow Workflow Badges

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--We are excited to announce that GlideFast Consulting is one of only five certified ServiceNow partners to achieve three workflow badges for product line achievements.

GlideFast Consulting now holds product line achievements for Employee Workflows, Customer Workflows, and the Now Platform.

This notable achievement by GlideFast Consulting, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, demonstrates the extensive expertise, knowledge, and certifications that their team of ServiceNow consultants, architects, and business analysts have and deliver to their enterprise customers.

“Our workflow badges are a testament to our expertise in the ServiceNow ecosystem. We are on track to achieve the fourth and final badge to position ourselves as the top ServiceNow partner in all product lines as we move closer to our goal of becoming a Global Elite Partner,” says Michael Lombardo, CEO of GlideFast Consulting.

ServiceNow established product line achievements as an elite ranking system to highlight their partners’ specific areas of expertise. Product line achievements are earned based on the number of certified staff an organization has per product line, the number of deployments an organization has performed, and a minimum CSAT rating for those deployments.

GlideFast Consulting continues to excel in the ServiceNow Service Provider program. The company expects to earn the IT Workflows product line achievement which will qualify as one of the few ServiceNow partners to have all workflow badges in 2021.


About GlideFast Consulting

GlideFast Consulting is a ServiceNow Elite Partner and professional services firm that provides tailored solutions and professional services for ServiceNow implementations, integrations, managed support services, application development, and training. Reach out to our team here.

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