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Exporting and Importing Records via XML in ServiceNow

With Laurence Tindall

In this article, we will cover exporting and importing records via XML in ServiceNow. This functionality is extremely beneficial, as it allows you to export records from one instance and easily import them into another. This is a common use case when you're working in a sub-production instance of ServiceNow, like a development environment (dev), and you'd like to load those same records directly into a test environment or production. As you may already know, records typically cannot be captured in update sets, so exporting them in an XML file will allow you to easily import them into another instance.

Creating a New User Account in Dev Environment

In today's example, we are going to create a new user account in a dev environment and then import the same user record into my test instance. To get started, open up ServiceNow, and in the application navigator type in users. Now click on the users module located underneath the users and groups application.

To create a new user record, click on the new button; a blank user record will now load. In the first name and last name field, we are going to enter Michael Lombardo and in the email field, we will enter To save this user record we are going to click on the submit button. The user record is now created.

Exporting and Importing a Record as an XML File

From the list view, we are going to filter for the new user account we just created. To export this record as an XML file, right-click on the form header and click on export XML. An XML file will now be generated and downloaded to your machine. Now that we've exported this XML file, we are going to open up our other ServiceNow instance.

To import the XML file, we are going to head over to the users module and on the column header, we are going to right click and select the option for import XML. We will now be taken to this import XML page. From here, you'll want to click on the choose file button and select the XML file that we previously exported, and click on the upload button.

The user record will now be loaded into the system just like it was in our other instance. If we filter for Michael Lombardo, we'll see his user account available. It’s as easy as that. Exporting and importing records via XML is a quick and easy way to transfer data between two identical instances.

Did you find our Exporting and Importing Records via XML in ServiceNow article helpful? Are you ready to start your journey with ServiceNow? If you want to find out more information about GlideFast Consulting and our ServiceNow implementation services, you can reach out to us here.


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