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Catalog UI Policies

With Laurence Tindall

The video tutorial by Laurence Tindall, from GlideFast Consulting, explains how to create and apply a catalog UI policy to a variable on a service catalog item in ServiceNow's service portal. The tutorial begins by providing an overview of catalog UI policies, which are client-side features that control the behavior of variables on a catalog item form. These policies can make variables mandatory, show or hide variables, make variables read-only, and clear values within a variable. Catalog UI policies enhance the user experience by allowing forms to be clean and professional without displaying irrelevant variables.

The tutorial then demonstrates the creation of two new variables on the "MacBook Pro" catalog item: "New Hire" and "New Hire Start Date." The catalog UI policy is applied to the "New Hire Start Date" variable, ensuring that it only displays when the "New Hire" variable is set to true.

To create the catalog UI policy, the tutorial instructs navigating to the "Maintain Items" module, searching for the "Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch" catalog item, and opening the record. From the catalog item form, the variables related list is accessed, and the "New Hire" variable is created as a yes/no variable with a default value of "no." Another variable, "New Hire Start Date," is created as a date field.

Next, the catalog UI policy is created by clicking on the catalog UI policies related list and creating a new policy. The conditions for the policy are defined to display the "New Hire Start Date" variable only when the "New Hire" variable is set to true. The tutorial concludes by demonstrating the action of the catalog UI policy, which is set to display the "New Hire Start Date" variable when the conditions are met.

The video then transitions to the service portal, where the newly created variables and catalog UI policy are showcased on the "Apple MacBook Pro" catalog item. When the "New Hire" variable is set to "yes," the "New Hire Start Date" variable is displayed.

In summary, the tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on creating and applying a catalog UI policy to a variable on a service catalog item in ServiceNow's service portal. The tutorial emphasizes that creating catalog UI policies is a simple task that can significantly enhance the design and functionality of catalog items.


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