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Phishing email simulator

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An Automated Phishing Email Simulator

PhishBait allows companies to automate fake phishing campaigns and report on user click trends by any user data point.


The application will automatically send out a fake phishing email to users selected on a phishing campaign from a “fake” email account. If the user clicks the link in the email, ServiceNow will automatically log the click in the database. This provides valuable insight to management regarding which areas of the business need training on spotting and avoiding phishing emails.

Don't get Caught in a Data Breach

Educate and train your employees on how to identify and report phishing emails.

1.385 million unique phishing sites are created each month.

The average cost of a cyber-attack against small to medium-size businesses is $2.2m

92.4% of this malware is delivered via email

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76% of organizations say they experienced phishing attacks in 2017.

High-Risk Times

Email End-Points

An Expensive Threat

Rampant Ransomware

Key Features

1. Customization
Customize decoy email subject, body, and sender

4. Automation

Automatic logging of user click trends in ServiceNow

2. User-friendly Dashboard

OOB dashboard with reports on who clicked by user, department, title, quarter and campaign

3. Unlimited Emails 

Create unlimited decoy phishing email campaigns and target specific users, groups and departments

5. Insightful Analytics

Gain insight into which areas of the business need training to better avoid phishing emails

6. Usability

No system requirements. All functionality within the application is compatible with the core platform


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