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CSM Implementation & Personalized Portals

A digital transformation for customers and internal employees working cases

The Customer

A large telecommunications company in the United States, needed to scale and secure its technology and processes, but the path to digital transformation was complicated. 

They were using an outdated system, and when they searched for a solution to these problems, they found it in ServiceNow. 

The Challenge

The customer orders for more than 8,000 customers, which equated to an average of 8 to 9 million dollars of revenue per month, were being managed via email and outdated systems.

Communication Tower

The Solution

The telecommunications company partnered with GlideFast Consulting, and over the course of 6 months, the team implemented ServiceNow Customer Service Management and created two custom portals: one for internal employees' working cases and one for customers.

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The GlideFast Consulting


The employee portal allows team members to see a holistic view of customer records. Now, any customer service request can be handled without having to sort through old email chains, search for the account owner, or deal with the inability to get an update because an employee is out of the office.


With four major integrations by the GlideFast team, the advanced solution is now able to make all customer, billing, order, asset, and site location data available directly in ServiceNow.

These solutions saved the client more than 500 hours per month on time spent processing order deliveries and enabled them to increase their total number of deliveries per month by more than 400%.

In addition, GlideFast Consulting implemented extra safety measures by onboarding two new firewall systems.


The firewall technology provides a fully-managed layer of security to the company and customers, ensuring data is protected at all costs.

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