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The First ServiceNow OTM Success Story

Large Electric Utility Company - ServiceNow Solution 

The Customer

This large Electric Utility Company is a Fortune 500 integrated energy manufacturing company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations in the Deep South of the United States.


Before this implementation of OTM, they were using ServiceNow ITOM and ITSM products. The company is the first ServiceNow client to go-live with OTM.


The Challenge

The customer did not have a centralized system in place that stores OT Asset Inventory and their Regulatory Compliance Standards and documents for OT and CIP Asset Inventory. This overall solution provided a single reliable source of information to view and query OT Asset Inventory information while protecting the data considered to be BCSI.


The goal of the project was to achieve the following:

  • Ensure BCSI compliance for cloud storage and automated discovery

  • Deploy ServiceNow Discovery for OT devices

  • CMDB integration with Verve & one time load from OTAM

  • Process development for new make/model generation

  • Create means to bulk create CI’s

  • Configure Change for OT Normal Change process

  • Allow users to see port functional groups related to CI’s within ServiceNow

The Solution

As part of the standard development there is a knowledge base, a new catalog category containing 2 new items and a new OT Normal change type. OT asset data will be implemented via a 1 time import from OTAM, Integration with Verve Asset Manager and OT Discovery.


The following functionality has been implemented as part of this phase:



Setup of Discovery to discover assets related to OT-CMDB.

  • Set up MID Servers

  • Add Credentials for discovery

  • OT Discovery Schedule Setup

  • Discovery IP Ranges for OT Assets

  • MID Server IP Ranges

  • Pattern updates for population of Firmware Version

  • Probe Updates:

  • MID Server MIB File

  • SNMP Fields

  • SNMP OID Classification

  • Sensor Updates

  • SNMP Classification


OTAM Import of OT Assets

Import of OTAM related OT Assets using Excel SG Connector which comes with the Operational Technology License.

  • Additional Transform map to import custom related fields


Verve SG Connector

Import of Verve related OT Assets using the New Verve SG Connector.

  • Only Medium Assets to be imported

  • Only pull information from Union and Sabine Sites

BCSI Protection

Protected by installed Licenced products ACLS.

  • Manufacturing Process Manager

  • Operational Technology Manager

  • Discovery for Operational Technology

All required custom fields added to protected table OT Asset Details[cmdb_ot_entity].



Setup of reports on ServiceNow OT Asset data to support the following Audit request tool reports:

  • BES Assets

  • Cyber Assets (Medium and High)

  • Cyber Assets (Low)

  • ESP Report

  • PSP Report

  • CIP 10 Baseline Report

  • OT CMDB Health Dashboard

    • Completeness report

    • Staleness Report

    • Report on Assets missing firmware

  • Functional Groups Report


Functional Groups

1. Knowledge Base: Operational Technology (OT) – Restricted to OT Users

  • Category: Functional Groups

    • Multiple Articles – 1 for each of Tripwire functional groups approved ports

  • Category: Change Management

    • CIP 005/007 Assessment Guide


2. Functional group files sent from Tripwire to 2 data sources to update Functional Group Data and associate to OT CI’s

  • Data Source: Load Functional Group Articles

    • Reads file containing list of functional groups and approved ports

    • Groups by Functional Group and adds new or updates to new version for Functional Group Knowledge Articles

  • Data Source: Functional Groups to CI Records

    • Reads file containing Functional Groups relationship to CI’s

    • Adds relationship to the m2m_kb_ci table so that the Functional group will show on the CI related list.


3. Import Schedules Setup to load data everyday at 6am, 8am, 10am, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM & 6PM daily

  • Schedules: Functional Groups add/Update Import 1 - 7

    • Remove previous file

    • Process the data in the new file via the data source and transform map.

    • These will run on the hour each hour

  • Schedules: Map Functional Groups to CI's 1 – 7

    • Remove previous file

    • Process data in the new file via the data source and transform map

    • These will run at 10 minutes past the hour each hour

The company had other teams/vendors developing on some of the same applications (ie. Change Management, Request Management). To avoid conflicts GlideFast scheduled weekly meetings with all project teams to create visibility into upcoming work.


ServiceNow Clones/Upgrades impact to Schedule was identified as a risk to the project timeline. To mitigate this GlideFast raised awareness with all three project teams and requested advance notice and coordination


Additional workshops were required due to a delay in data readiness for integrations.



The customer had concerns for using the Verve SG Connector initially but through discussions between Verve, GlideFast and company we were able to address these concerns The final decision was made in Sprint 8 of 12 to integrate with Verve using the Verve SG Connector for integrations. The flexibility of this Connector meant we were still able to complete sprints on-time and accommodate only pulling data from specific sites.


The GlideFast Consulting


The GlideFast team worked side-by-side with the company's team for a speedy and successful implementation.

2000+ OT Assets were added to the OT-CMDB consisting of:

  • Manually Imported assets from OTAM to maintain this data in ServiceNow going forward

  • Integrated Verve Assets from 2 Sites

  • OT Discovery configuration


2000 Sites were added using the Manufacturing Process Manager Equipment Model and mapped to OT Assets.

Phase 2 is planned with Entergy for later in 2023 consisting of process improvements and future integrations and will continue to use GlideFast as their ServiceNow partner.

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