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Now Platform App Engine

What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It? 

Over ten years ago now, Apple trademarked the popular phrase “There’s an app for that,” a slogan that demonstrated there was a mobile application for just about anything one could imagine. Fast forward to today, the catchphrase still rings true with millions of apps on the market. And if you can’t find the app you’re looking for? It’s easier than ever to simply build your own. 

Whether you’re looking to build a custom application for your company or extend your existing ServiceNow workflows, you can tap into this possibility with ServiceNow’s Now Platform App Engine. 

What Is The ServiceNow Now Platform App Engine? 

The Now Platform App Engine is the premier option for building custom applications within ServiceNow. Now Platform App Engine is a single mobile and web application development platform for creating new apps and expanding on existing ones. With pre-built services and reusable components, you can rapidly build, integrate, and extend your current applications to meet your enterprise’s unique needs. 

Who is the Now Platform App Engine for? Anyone. 


Why Should Your Business Use The Now Platform App Engine? 

Smartphones and their mobile applications aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to a TouchPoints report, an estimated 2.1 billion people in the world own a smartphone, with adults over 25 using their device an average of 264 times per day. Enterprises must offer their services in an application format to keep their competitive edge in the market. 

In addition to keeping up with the competition, applications also improve the customer experience. Applications work natively with the customer’s devices and offer an intuitive and fluid user interface. Apps can also be leveraged to offer swift customer service features.

If your enterprise is already using ServiceNow, whether it’s for ITSM, HR, or CSM, you should also be using the Now Platform App Engine to build custom applications or extend current applications to meet your organization’s unique needs. Your application can communicate directly with your ServiceNow data, so no need to export data or find a third-party application builder. 

What kind of application should you create? The possibilities are nearly endless and are open to your team’s imagination and your business’ needs. 

Let’s take a look at PhishBait, a custom application built by GlideFast Consulting, as an example. 

Designed to train employees to spot and report email phishing attacks, PhishBait allows companies to automate fake phishing campaigns and report on user click trends.


If an employee clicks the link in the email, ServiceNow will automatically log the click in the database and enroll the user in a cybersecurity training course. This provides valuable insight to management regarding which areas of the business need additional training and also helps the organization better understand its risk tolerance. 

The Benefits Of Now Platform App Engine

The Now Platform App Engine allows businesses to reimagine every work process as a digital workflow. Organizations can increase employee productivity with custom applications and boost company creativity by challenging employees to think outside the box when developing solutions. 

With ServiceNow Now Platform App Engine You Can:

Image by Carlos Muza

Quickly build

new apps

or extend base system applications that turn business processes into digital workflows

Empower any

ServiceNow user

to innovate for your business with a full stack of developer tools

Leverage the

Now Platform’s

rich set of APIs and tools for integrating with nearly any service or third-party app 


Looking to build your own custom apps?

To ensure a seamless process and launch, follow our free comprehensive guide and the checklists included in it in order to build and integrate your own powerful custom applications.

ServiceNow Now Platform App Engine Tools & Features For Building Custom Applications 

Guided App Cretor
guided app creator.png

What Is The ServiceNow Guided App Creator?

ServiceNow Guided App Creator guides users in developing their custom applications. This fast and friendly wizard walks users through the application development process so they never have to worry about writing a single line of code. Simply fill in a few form fields, provide data in a spreadsheet format, and ServiceNow Guide App Creator will take the app process from there. 

Benefits Of ServiceNow Guided App Creator

Image by Carlos Muza

Improve data


by removing limitations and converting processes into workflows

Offer employees

an easy-to-use

no-intimidation mobile application development experience

Quickly and

accurately build

powerful custom applications in plain language to rapidly digitize business processes

Guided App Creator

Ready to jump into creating your custom application, but don’t know where to get started? The Guided App Creator will walk you through the process. 

Automated Test Framewor

What Is The ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF)?

service-map-end-to-end-1-min.png.imgo (1
automated test framework.png

ATF is a very useful application for safely testing an application you’ve developed. Businesses can review failed tests to identify root causes of failures and make appropriate adjustments before launching their application to the general public.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Automated Test Framework

Image by Carlos Muza

Improve application


and upgrade time by automating testing process

Lower company


and quickly resolve issues with visibility into test failures

Reduce need to

tap end-users

and stakeholder to manually test upgrades 

Automated Test Framework

ServiceNow Automated Test Framework allows users to create and run automated tests to ensure an instance works after implementing a change.

Flow Designer

ServiceNow Flow Designer is a feature for automating work processes in a single design environment.

What Is ServiceNow Flow Designer?


With ServiceNow Flow Designer, process owners use natural language to automate approvals, task notification and record operations – all without the need to code. With dynamic subflows, you can simply automate even the most sophisticated and complex use cases. For more comprehensive workflows and automations across an entire organization, you can expand Flow Designer with IntegrationHub to integrate third-party services into your ServiceNow instance.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Flow Designer

Image by Carlos Muza

Empower non-technical

business users

to automate workflows with codeless components



to link end-to-end digital workflows to popular business apps

Speed up IT


with out-of-the-box, reusable flow components

Flow Designer

Share The Wealth

Flow Designer In ServiceNow


Part of the Flow Design, ServiceNow IntegrationHub (IH) is a feature for automating integration tasks using custom-built or ServiceNow components.

unnamed (1).png

What Is ServiceNow IntegrationHub?

Simply put, IntegrationHub creates a bridge, called a Spoke, between ServiceNow Flow Designer and a third-party service. Spokes can be predefined or custom built and are also highly reusable so you can crowdsource their use with the larger ServiceNow community. Anyone, both technical and non-technical employees, and use the IntegrationHub with minimal or no coding.

Benefits Of ServiceNow IntegrationHub

Image by Carlos Muza


overhead cost

and logistical complexity of external integration tools 


integration speed

and productivity with an easy-to-use, crowd-sourced framework



of off-the-shelf Spokes to connect workflows to the applications your business needs for success

Process Automation D

Process Automation Designer

Build and manage multiple complex workflows easily with no-code playbooks and our enterprise application development platform.


What Is ServiceNow Process Automation Designer?

ServiceNow Process Automation Designer enables business process owners to create cross-enterprise workflows in a single unified process. With a kanban style board, you can easily manage all no-code application development activities and flows in one location. Utilizing IntergrationHub Spokes you can integrate third-party activities into your business applications.

Benefits Of ServiceNow Process Automation Designer

Image by Carlos Muza

Enable process

owners to create

and manage complex organization-wide workflows with no code, freeing up developers to meet other business demands


common processes

for apps with pre-built


Improve agent


with simple and familiar





In ServiceNow

Certified Apps

What Are ServiceNow Certified Apps?

certified apps.png

Now Certified enterprise workflow apps from ISV partners that complement and extend ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Certified Apps are custom applications built by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that have been vetted by ServiceNow as safe and effective applications. You can find ServiceNow certified apps, for free or for purchase, in the ServiceNow Store. If you’re looking to build a custom application, consider perusing the certified apps in the ServiceNow Store first, to see if an ISV has already developed an application that solves that issue you’re experiencing. If you do develop a custom application or integration that you think other businesses would benefit from, you can also list and sell your solution on the marketplace, opening one more revenue stream for your organization. 

Benefits Of ServiceNow Certified Apps

Certified Apps
Image by Carlos Muza

Take advantage of a

plug-and-play application

that solves your organization’s problem without having to reinvent the wheel 

Develop new

revenue stream

for your organization by selling your custom application in the ServiceNow Store

Gain inspiration from the ServiceNow community

to develop your own application or better leverage your ServiceNow instance

The GlideFast application development team has built several applications for clients as well as our own custom applications for the ServiceNow store.

Custom ServiceNow Apps and Integrations


Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Meet Our App & Technology Partners 

GlideFast Consulting is proud to offer ServiceNow solutions in partnership with these businesses:  


Nuvolo is an enterprise asset management (EAM) company that offers an easy-to-use platform built on ServiceNow. The third-party software company primarily focuses on facilities, clinical, lab, and manufacturing EAM. Additional features include space and move management and product offerings for medical device cybersecurity, which can be found in the ServiceNow Store.

Nuvolo Implementation In ServiceNow


VividCharts is the only report and slide deck automation solution built specifically for ServiceNow customers, directly in the platform. An Elite ServiceNow Technology Partner and the 2019 ServiceNow CreatorCon Challenge Winner, VividCharts takes the headache out of the ServiceNow reporting process and brings beauty and elegance to data visualization. (2).png

3CLogic is a leading cloud contact center platform modernizing enterprise communications for employees and customers. Built on AWS, the solution provides advanced and scalable speech-enabled offerings for ServiceNow. 3CLogic drives digital transformation by improving CX, operational efficiency and reporting insights with dynamic IVR, CTI, AI, and speech analytics.

Application Development Services With Now Platform App Engine

Are you ready to design a custom application that will transform your business’ IT operations? 

At GlideFast Consulting, we build and integrate custom applications that take your ServiceNow instance to new heights. Our application development team has built several applications for clients as well as our own certified applications available in the ServiceNow Store such as PhishBait, FastGov, Gruply, and FastTrack Recruiting

As an Elite ServiceNow partner, GlideFast Consulting helps businesses leverage the full value of their ServiceNow investments. Partner with our team of experts to develop your dream application directly in your ServiceNow platform. Our expert team of developers and architects have unique perspectives and skillsets when it comes to creating a custom application that will transform your business. 

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