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Large Medical Device Company Implements HRSD in ServiceNow 

Large US Medical Device Company - ServiceNow Solution 

The Customer

This large medical device company based in the United States focused on accelerating access to healthcare technology. The client is a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions.


Prior to GlideFast’s engagement, the organization was utilizing ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM), ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM), ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD), ServiceNow Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC), and several other integrations.

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The Challenge

The client had a non-standardized onboarding process for four Latin American regions. This affected their capacity and visibility of activities employees were working on in addition to the quality of service provided to end users (new hires).


The four onboarding LATAM processes included numerous manual steps that were tedious for employees and new hires, affecting user experience and leading to a waste of time and money.​ 


GlideFast wanted to standardize the onboarding process as much as possible for all LATAM regions to successfully implement ServiceNow HR Service Delivery.

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The GlideFast Consulting


GlideFast implemented a Standardized Onboarding lifecycle process using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, configuring approximately 10 activity sets and over 50 basic activities/HR templates on this process.​


Activity sets associated with the Onboarding process are below:

  • Pre-Hire 1 / 2 

  • Pre-Onboarding 

  • Day 1 – 90 (1 / 2 / 8 / 15 / 30 / 60 / 90) 


A record producer was also configured to fill out the necessary information to begin the onboarding process. Two catalog items and workflows were put in place to identify and select users through the process. All the onboarding was also configured in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.​ 


GlideFast configured notifications* which are sent when triggered by a configured action/activity.


These notifications are:

  • Welcome Email – HR email template used within the notification activity type to welcome new hire users on their journey with the company

  • Login Steps – Email notification record that discusses the login steps for a new hire user

  • HR Task Assigned To Me – Email notification record that notifies the “Assigned To“ user when an HR task has been assigned to them

  • Reminder Notification – Email notification to send a reminder email out of a task assigned to a user regarding the incoming due date of the HR task

  • Inform Buddy – Email notification record that notifies a new hire’s buddy that they have been selected as a new hire buddy

  • Password Reset URL – Email notification record that sends out a URL to the new hire to reset their password

  • User / PW Changed – Email notification record that notifies the new hire when their username and password have changed in accordance with the company’s system to log in through SSO


*All notifications were also configured in English, Spanish, and Portuguese depending on the language used in each individual Onboarding case.

For this solution, GlideFast included configuring the Mobile app for new hires and the client’s hiring team.

GlideFast took the extra steps to ensure the success of the HRSD Implementation. The GlideFast team analyzed the initial discovery activity in order to obtain a diagnostic of the current state of the HR application to see what needed to change. They also documented pre-existing conditions that needed to be made aware of. By performing these actions, GlideFast was able to troubleshoot activities before development to resolve issues with HRSD. 


GlideFast further supported the customer on their internal Organization Change Management (OCM) activities with demos and documentation. The team performed hyper care support after deployment to production to go through the activity sets associated with the onboarding process.

The Results

Utilizing ServiceNow, GlideFast transformed the HR Operating Model for Latin America with the possibility to be cloned to other client regions in the world. They harmonized a consistent process across all Latin American countries, centralizing a “one-stop shop” to guide all stakeholders through the process. This would optimize the process handoffs between stakeholders.

GlideFast was also able to reduce time by automating onboarding processes and increasing the autonomy and productivity of new employees.

They were also able to designate one point of contact who oversees the candidate/new employee experience. Deployment included resolving successfully pre-defined customizations that were not permitting to use onboarding activities.​

In August of 2021, the client expressed using the HRSD Onboarding solution to seamlessly onboard over 50 new hires. There are future plans to implement this same onboarding solution globally.

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