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ServiceNow Hardware and Software Asset Management (HAM/SAM)

Large Retail Grocery Store - ServiceNow ITAM Solution

The Customer

A large retail grocery store that previously utilized ServiceNow's IT Service Management (ITSM) solution but sought to enhance their workflow by implementing ServiceNow Hardware Asset Managment (HAM) and ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM), adding a duo powerhouse to their existing workflow.

The Challenge

The customer wanted to effectively track and manage their software and hardware assets. They engaged GlideFast to establish an IT Asset Management (ITAM) function that would optimize their return on investment (ROI) for IT assets. Key expectations included comprehensive asset lifecycle management and complete visibility into all assets.

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The Solution

GlideFast implemented ServiceNow's HAM Pro and SAM Pro, leveraging the full suite of features offered by these solutions. Integration with Microsoft Intune and Dell was also implemented to provide warranty visibility. Additionally, GlideFast developed a custom stockroom dashboard that presented the client with relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to in-stock assets.

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The GlideFast Consulting


The implementation of ServiceNow's HAM/SAM solution led to numerous benefits for the retail grocery store, including:

  1. Increased visibility of assets: The client gained improved visibility into their software and hardware assets, allowing them to monitor their inventory more effectively.

  2. Reduced asset spend: Through the implementation of HAM/SAM, the client achieved cost savings by optimizing their asset utilization and reducing unnecessary expenditures on new assets.

  3. Reduced software spend: By effectively managing their software licenses and eliminating unused or redundant licenses, the client experienced cost savings in software procurement.

  4. Positive asset audits: The implementation ensured accurate tracking and documentation of assets, leading to successful asset audits and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  5. Faster fulfillment time for asset requests: The streamlined asset management process facilitated quicker fulfillment of asset requests, enhancing productivity and minimizing delays.

  6. Increased asset re-use: With improved visibility and tracking capabilities, the client was able to identify and utilize existing assets more efficiently, reducing the need for new purchases.

Overall, the implementation of ServiceNow's HAM/SAM solution by GlideFast enabled the large retail grocery store to optimize their asset management processes, resulting in increased operational efficiency, cost savings, and improved asset utilization.

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