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Language Barrier Eliminated with Virtual Assistant & Agent Chat

Large Pharmaceutical Company  - ServiceNow Solution 

The Customer

The customer is a worldwide Pharmaceutical organization founded in 1886 that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods. The company sells products such as skin and hair products, over-the-counter products, prescription pharmaceuticals, and surgical implants in countries around the world. 

The client was previously using ServiceNow. The GlideFast team performed a successful Service Mapping implementation for the organization in 2022 along with additional implementations personalized to the client’s goals. 

Business Meeting

The Challenge

The client needed to make sure that any agent from any country could speak with another agent from another country and still be able to help. They needed to ensure that there was no language barrier via chat.


It was important to make sure that there were 22 languages translated for this client's implementation. Thus, the Pharmaceutical company required expert ServiceNow resources to implement Virtual Assistant & Agent Chat to improve communications. 


The expectations of the solution was the following:  

  • Business Analysis/Requirements Gathering

  • Implement SN Virtual Agent and Agent Chat (based on Advanced Work Assignment)

  • Configuration and development work, including integration with dynamic language translation

  • Create Topics, VA flows, Intents, Chat surveys to support use cases (Incident / Catalog Requests/my activity/Knowledge deflection)

  • Setup Agent Chat (AWA) Queues, Quick Actions/messages

  • Enable Multi-Language NLU/NLP for VA to support End User Languages

  • Enable Dynamic Translations for Agent Chat using Lionbridge/Geofluent Service Provider

  • OCM Support (create training material / videos / demos)

The Solution

Our team proposed to use most of the out-of-box functionality provided by ServiceNow. We also worked with a real-time translation solution to make sure that the 22 languages (NLU) that they wanted to be translated were translated.  There were plugins that needed to be enabled for the languages as well. 

GlideFast also worked on publishing topics to make it user-friendly when end users needed to search a specific topic for help. Our client was able to install most of the plug-ins which helped save time. We were able to provide feedback on VA flows,  intents, and utterances on best practices for the client.  We suggested that our client use AI since they had it.  We also suggested doing search topics / search topic groups so it would learn when a ticket would open where it needed to be assigned: to hardware, software, networking, etc.  

Our team aided the implementation process further by scheduling DSUs, training sessions, testing, and demos with our client. The client has an elaborate UAT for when pushing from dev, test, and production. There was also administrative work, where steps need to be put in for work units and work task units. Documentation was attached to work with their ServiceNow off-shore team to push the update sets to production as well.

The client required our help with this to make sure their off-shore team did not miss any steps.  We provided a knowledge transfer document with training, and all recordings and presentations/documents were sent over to the client.  There were additional requirements and a change order was put in place for new requests.  Meetings about acceptance criteria were important in making this a successful implementation.  

Brown Containers

The GlideFast Consulting


GlideFast completed the initial project in just 6 months. The client's end users are now able to help themselves by reading knowledge articles for password resets in multiple languages and reduce the number of tickets that are coming in since the end user will be able to troubleshoot their own issue.  For languages, it was set up where an agent from the U.S. could speak to someone overseas, and when sending a message in English, the end user would see it come through in their language. This was beneficial in not having to have someone who speaks the same language to help the end user, anyone could help.  

The client stated that they are grateful for everything that GlideFast did, including working with their off-shore team to make sure this was successful.  They were very happy with the training sessions that were provided and executive management was very happy with the demo after everything was built out.  Lastly, the Virtual Agent Chat was rolled out and there have been no issues reported.

There is a GRS contract to help the client support their Virtual Agent with our experienced resources.  We did recommend training courses to the client as well. There has been multiple successful project implementations with this client, and this will be a continued partnership moving forward.

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