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Principal Process Trainer

Principal Process Trainer





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As a Principal Process Trainer with GlideFast Consulting, you will be accountable for management, delivery, and creation of client and internal training.  Mentorship of associate technical trainers will be a large part of your duties. Utilizing best practices for effective curriculum development, you will lead and/or participate in curriculum development projects to define requirements and assignments, review deliverables, complete project tasks, and communicate effectively with the client and team. Delivering training to clients and internal employees in multiple formats, both on-site and virtually, will be your primary objective.



* Deliver custom and standard trainings to clients and internal employees in a professional manner

* Mentor technical trainers during custom training projects

* Work in partnership with clients to provide best practice solutions to meet their training needs

* Deliver high caliber training within the client and team’s timeline


* Build on current platform knowledge by learning new modules and broadening skillset

* Continue learning new training delivery solutions, technologies, and methodologies

* Assist Marketing Team with campaigns

* Assist with designing training programs to improve necessary skills for all GlideFast employees

* Establish leads for the GlideFast sales team

* Maintain professionalism and an uninterrupted work environment during all client meetings and interactions

* Maintain current certifications

* Work independently, as well as part of a team, using good communication and positive attitude, promoting our passionate and family-like GlideFast culture

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* 1+ years' experience in training with GlideFast

* Effectively delivered client training on 10 different ServiceNow applications

* Uphold excellent time management and organization skills

* Remain disciplined and self-directed


* Maintain strong communication, presentation and writing skills

* Excellent communication and decision-making skills

* Work independently as well as part of a team using excellent communication and a positive attitude

* Remain innovative, creative, and self-directed

* Maintain professionalism and an uninterrupted work environment during all client meetings and interactions.

A successful candidate will have the opportunity to enroll in insurance and other role-based benefits for more information reach out to

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