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Technical Trainer

Technical Trainer





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As a Technical Trainer with GlideFast Consulting, you’ll work remotely providing support to the GlideFast Consulting Training and Marketing teams. You will work with many areas of the business to create top quality content for internal and external use, as well as deliver that content.


Create a steady stream of public-facing content to drive engagement for GlideFast

Meet with stakeholders, both internal and external, to establish the desired look and feel for the video to be created

Establish a clear understanding of the storyline and purpose of the video's creation

Operate computer editing systems and equipment used for video media and effects

Edit video to include preselected music, interviews, sound clips and other important aspects of the project

Ensure the correct formatting and presentation for finalized videos according to specifications

Assemble raw footage and organize files into designated repositories

Input sound to enhance footage, which may include selecting music and writing voice-overs

Input graphics to enhance footage

Coordinate training deliverable dates with stakeholders, both internal and external

Design and develop training programs (both internal and external)

Market available training to employees and provide necessary information about sessions

Gather feedback from trainers and trainees after educational session

Maintain updated curriculum database and training records

Assist in the design of new training programs to gain a larger customer base for GlideFast

Continue learning new training delivery solutions, technologies, and methodologies

Coordinate with external Marketing contractors on campaigns and events as needed

Contribute to team development and knowledge sharing through Share the Wealth, training, blogs, mentorship and/or team support

Assist Marketing team with planning, organizing and executing company events

Assist in the creation and execution of email campaigns, customer surveys, social media campaigns, case studies, and all other content creation projects

Develop and create relevant content topics to reach target audience on all social media channels

Assist with Sales and Marketing alignment activities

Assist with field marketing activities and logistics

Any other duties and tasks assigned by the manager

Obtain certifications inside and outside of ServiceNow Which certifications


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