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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance





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ServiceNow QA with experience in ServiceNow Automated Testing Framework (ATF)


• Participate in developing and documenting User Stories, including testing estimates and validation tests

• Create tests – ideally up-front but on a just-in-time basis per feature if needed

• Analyze the product features, and the product as a whole, to ensure it behaves as intended

• Ensure that components and features are complete, based on the customer definition of “done”

• Execute tests and improve iteratively as new features become part of regression and other test cycles

• Develop, document, and maintain the test cycles, tests and test steps for software, services and hardware

• Ensure the appropriate test environments are in place and controlled

• Ensure that software development, defect and release procedures are documented and followed

• Work with teams to manage developer and production release of software

• Participate in developer integration, system integration, and acceptance testing with other team members to ensure all areas of the application are fully tested and issues are clearly logged and prioritized consistently

• Provide manual and automated exploratory testing to understand the feature and how it is implemented, to find additional or unexpected behavior, and to refine and define additional test cases for the feature

• Automate individual tests where applicable in collaboration with other SQA team members

• Ensure tests are executed within the automated continuous testing framework wherever feasible

• Ensure all non-functional requirements (load, performance, scalability, security, usability, etc.) are met

• Manage the defect log and ensure issues are resolved, including validation of the fix

• Certify software functionality for new Production releases, including publishing Defect and Test metrics

• Act as the entry point for the Help Desk to provide an initial review and assessment of reported defects

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• ServiceNow (ITSM at a minimum, ITOM/ITAM preferred)

• ServiceNow ATF

• Hands-on testing

• Consulting background (Partner experience preferred)

A successful candidate will have the opportunity to enroll in insurance and other role-based benefits for more information reach out to

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