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Resource Coordinator

Resource Coordinator





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The Resource Coordinator will assist the Resource Management Team in resource planning (coordination, management and forecasting) and ensure all projects are staffed effectively and are aligned to business goals/initiatives. The Resource Coordinator will assist with creating and driving the adoption of the resource request processes by the Sales, Professional Services/Delivery teams in support of maximizing resource utilization.



* Assist with managing the resourcing pipeline for incoming projects. This includes communicating lead times to the sales team so the professional services recruiting team has time to staff for the various roles and skill sets.

* Assist with the sales to delivery process; create projects and assignments based on resource plans and customer contracts.

* Maintain constant knowledge of current and upcoming projects and business development activities as they relate to resourcing.

* Assist with managing and resolving all resourcing conflicts and over/under allocations of staff.

* Leverage the headcount planning model and work directly with recruiting to execute against it.

* Identify needs for capacity and skill set (certifications) and work with recruiting to source and onboard resources.

* Identify risk areas i.e. supply/demand, over/under staffed, shortage of a specific skill etc. and review these with internal stakeholders and managers.

* Identify and solution continuous process improvements for resource management.

* Assist with monitoring the day-to-day project activity to effectively identify risks to project staffing.

* Participate with internal process improvement groups to identify areas to better equip resources. with content, process or tools to increase project delivery efficiencies.

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* 2-3 years of related experience in a resource planning

* Demonstrable competency in resource planning.

* Strong analytical and qualitative skills; ability to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions and concepts.

* Ability to juggle multiple and changing priorities while working in a fast paced and demanding environment.

* Previous experience enabling resource management for professional service teams is preferred

* Ability to manage change effectively and with a positive attitude

* Working knowledge of IT/Business infrastructure and MS Office

* Excellent organizational

* Excellent interpersonal skills

* Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving


* BA/BS Degree education preferred but not required

A successful candidate will have the opportunity to enroll in insurance and other role-based benefits for more information reach out to

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