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Senior Cyber Operations Architect

Senior Cyber Operations Architect





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The Senior Cyber Operations Architect is responsible for identifying security requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements, researching operational security standards and techniques, and performing risk assessments and vulnerability scans to identify potential risk within the network. This position will work with the rest of the cyber security team with the design of firewalls, monitoring use of data files, and regulating access to safeguard information and protect networks. The Senior Cybersecurity Operations Architect will also be involved in policy and procedure implementation and management.


● Design and support the overall security architecture of the enterprise and its customers networks
● Determine security requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements, and research operational security standards and techniques
● Performing risk assessments and vulnerability scans to identify potential risk, and provide results to the Cloud Operations Team as needed
● Review new software and hardware to identify potential risk
● Assist in daily monitoring and review of potential infrastructure security incidents to determine if the incident qualifies as a legitimate security breach
● Receive and share security alerts (IAVA, other) with the Cloud Operations Team in a timely manner
● Track remediation responses and document POA&Ms as needed
● Use SIEM and other security tools to identify anomalous activity and behaviors
● Provide support and initiate escalation when responding to potential security incidents in line with appropriate processes
● Provide regular system configuration and firewall rule review
● Support the development of the Security Practice by adopting a proactive, innovative and collaborative approach to continuous improvement
● Maintain strong Security Awareness by participating in internal and external security courses
● Assist in developing operational processes and procedures to appropriately analyze, escalate, and remediate critical information security incidents
● Monitor public vulnerability disclosure channels for relevant technologies
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and business acumen and a commercial outlook
● Self-starter with a record of accomplishment in managing multiple complex projects
● Disciplined, self-directed and a team motivator…a great leader and team player!
● Maintain professionalism and uninterrupted work environment during client meetings and events
● Any other duties and tasks assigned by the manager
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