IT Administrator

IT Administrator




Expected Responsibilities:

Manage employee accounts- Office 365, Slack, Space, Zoom, Gmail, Partner Portal

Assist with Space enhancements (gather requirements and work with internal stakeholders)

Set up weekly onboarding meeting

Assist with IT asset management- ordering and wiping equipment

Perform administrative tasks in Space (our Internal company knowledge base portal) 

Consultant Profiles (constantly updating post project)

Updating skills/certs on user records

Monthly reporting on alignment b/t SN partner portal and Space

Assist w/special projects (Knowledge- manage passes for K20)

Oversee the governance of our internal CRM

IT procurement monthly calls- taking action on needs from discussion

Employee Technical support

Prepare and lead process discovery and requirement workshops with customer sponsors and key Any other duties or tasks assigned by the manager

Requirements/90 Day Goals:

Obtain CSA certification within 90 days

Obtain PPM certification within 90 days

CRM Goal- Update every account in system should have 1 contact (address, industry etc)

Assure all employees user records are updated (correct address, CP, skills, clearance status) in the first 30 days



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