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Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst





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Pharicode’s Cyber Security analysts assess, plan, and enact security measures to help protect an organization from security breaches and attacks on its computer networks and systems. This job utilizes programs to identify vulnerabilities, and helping users adhere to new regulations and processes to ensure the network stays safe, include developing security systems, analyzing current systems for vulnerabilities, and handling any and all cyber-attacks in an efficient and effective manner.

The analysts take care of the day-to-day operations and data structures by overseeing the operational performance. The professionals must have an in-depth understanding of vulnerabilities management systems and common security applications. They conduct software upgrades and explains performance criteria, documents configurations, and systems specifications. They manage the system from threats and identifies and manages incidents and mitigate risks.

They conduct threat and risk analysis and provides essential suggestions. The professional help in performing research, testing, evaluation, and deployment of security procedures. The specialist design security training materials and organizes training sessions for the other departments. The professionals will examine and evaluate security-related technologies. They resolve security issues and other data-related problems. 

Job Location: Remote

Job Type: Full Time

Travel Requirements: <15%


* Experience in the DoD RMF lifecycle and NIST SP 800-53 control implementation

* Maintain system packages in eMASS to support RMF effort

* Experience conducting vulnerability scans using ACAS and SCAP scans

* Collect data, generate and manage artifacts for RMF requirements

* Write and edit system policies and procedures and other system documentation

* Develop a familiarity with new tools and best practices

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* Risk Management Framework

* Technical Support

* Policy Implementation

* Client Support

* Basic Windows/Linux Administration

* Tracking, Logging, & Reporting

* Security Procedures/Operations

* Technical Writing and Technical Specification Analysis

* Product Training

* Configuration Management

* AccessControls

* Proven work experience as a cybersecurity engineer

* Interest in all aspects of security research and development

* BS degree in Computer Science or a related field or appropriate work experience

A successful candidate will have the opportunity to enroll in insurance and other role-based benefits for more information reach out to

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