Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Fundamentals

Setting up an effective Hardware Asset Management (HAM) practice includes key milestones:

  • Planning a design

  • Defining policies

  • Identifying the information required and how that information can be obtained

  • Determining what the hardware asset processes should look like and how the technology can support these items

Most successful HAM programs involve a variety of people and departments, including IT, finance, services, and end-users. Investing time and careful consideration to build out the HAM practice produces a higher quality outcome.

This 3-day interactive course will focus on:

  • Controlling hardware and consumable inventory that is purchased and used

  • Managing the cost of purchasing and managing hardware asset receiving

  • Managing and optimizing the hardware asset life cycle from planning to disposal

  • Achieving compliance with relevant standards and regulations

  • Improving IT asset services for end-users

  • Creating standards and processes for managing assets

Who should attend this course?

  • ServiceNow Implementers

  • ServiceNow System Administrators

  • Hardware Asset Managers

  • Hardware Asset Administrators


  • ServiceNow Fundamentals (recommended)

  • If you have not attended ServiceNow Fundamentals, it recommended that you complete the ServiceNow Foundations series of self-paced Modules located on the ServiceNow Community

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