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Guides and Whitepapers

Industry tips from ServiceNow experts.


UX Design

The GlideFast Designed Experience

Take your ServiceNow portal to the next level with the ultimate goal of transforming your portal into an invaluable resource for your users.


Tribal Nations

Improving IT Operations

Discover solutions that are helping Tribal Nations adapt to the ever-changing technological needs around them.

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CMDB Guide

Gain Visibility in ServiceNow

Discover how to use a unified platform like ServiceNow and a single CMDB for IT visibility.

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Custom Apps

Guide to Building Apps in ServiceNow

Follow this guide in order to build and integrate your own custom applications.

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APM Guide

Manage ServiceNow Applications

Learn how to implement APM and help maximize the value of your business applications.

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8 Steps

To Get To Go Live

Take control of your IT assets, infrastructure, and spend with this step-by-step ITAM guide.


Digital Citizen Engagement

Why It's A Must-Have

Discover the benefits of improved digital customer and citizen engagement with this whitepaper.

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Business Automation Blueprint

Follow our step-by-step plan to navigate your journey to the cloud.

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Service Portal

Prepare for an Implementation

Learn the benefits of a custom portal and how you can prepare for a Service Portal implementation.


Cloud Guide

Chart a Clear Path To the Cloud

Learn how to modernize your IT Environment in the cloud with this blueprint.

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BCM Guide

Guide to Recovering from Crisis

Follow this guide in order to plan, exercise, and recover from disasters efficiently and effectively.

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Cyber Security Whitepaper

A pragmatic approach to tackling email phishing, and how to prevent it within your organization.

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