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Government Organization Implements ServiceNow HAM Pro and SAM Pro to Manage Assets

Government Organization  - ITAM ServiceNow Solution 

The Customer

The client is a government organization specifically related to the Air Force industry. Prior to engaging with our services, they did not have any previous experience using ServiceNow or any other dedicated service management platform. 

The Challenge

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The client was facing challenges in managing service requests efficiently. They were relying on a combination of Microsoft Access, PDFs, and spreadsheets to handle incoming requests, which resulted in a fragmented and time-consuming process. They needed a solution that could streamline their service management, establish service level agreements (SLAs), provide notifications, and offer advanced reporting capabilities.

The Solution

To address the client's needs, our team proposed implementing ServiceNow as a comprehensive service management platform. The proposed solution involved creating 21 catalog items with custom workflows, which would be dynamically attached through an order guide. We leveraged Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Pro and Software Asset Management (SAM) Pro modules to manage hardware and software assets effectively. 


This approach enabled users to select the appropriate catalog item from a centralized location and fill out a single main form, reducing complexity and improving user experience. The catalog items catered to a wide range of service requests, including hardware procurement, network drops, software requests, maintenance contract renewals, and more.


To ensure project success, our team maintained frequent communication with the client. Daily communication, two-week sprint cycles, and regular demos were established to keep everyone aligned. We collaborated closely with the client to gather and refine requirements and conducted three days of in-person workshops at the project's onset. 


Towards the end, we also conducted in-person training sessions for the client's end users and customers to familiarize them with the new request system and associated modules.

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The GlideFast Consulting


The project took approximately 4.5 months to complete. While the client is still in the early stages of implementation, the initial results are promising. The solution has significantly streamlined their service request process, potentially saving weeks or even months of processing time compared to their previous fragmented approach. The utilization of requests, email notifications, and tailored workflows has allowed users to access relevant information and tasks precisely when needed, eliminating unnecessary waiting times.

Discussions are already underway for the next phase and beyond. The client is enthusiastic about exploring additional products and continues to seek recurring development and enhancements from our team. 

By implementing ServiceNow and customizing the platform to meet the specific needs of the government client, we were able to streamline their service request process significantly. The solution offers improved efficiency, better visibility through advanced reporting, and enhanced user experience. As the partnership continues to grow, the client is expected to experience further benefits and achieve their goals of optimized service management in the government sector.

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