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Enabling A Remote Workforce

How A Government Agency Saved Days Of Work With ServiceNow CMDB

The Customer

In 2019, an enterprise contract was awarded that creates a commercial outsourcing avenue to provide and manage most of a civilian government agency's personal computing hardware, agency standard software, mobile IT services, peripherals and accessories, associated end-user services, and supporting infrastructure. GlideFast Consulting supports this contract under the management of its prime contractor, Leidos.

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The Challenge

Before COVID-19, the majority of the agency’s employees worked at physical locations. During the course of 2020, the agency shifted to a predominantly remote workforce. The ordering process for their computers and accessories was manual. Users could not see whether their items were in stock, and only three people handled the scheduling for all of their technology installations. Previously, it was more manageable for these schedulers to coordinate services for approximately 56,000 users and 11 performance sites based upon the number of technicians available for installations. Shifting these installations to homes rather than offices required a substantial shift in strategy.

The agency needed a centralized system for tracking its hardware and software assets. Establishing ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) had been a business priority before COVID-19 began spreading widely through the United States, but as the virus hit, it became more crucial than ever to arm this agency’s newly remote workforce.

The GlideFast Consulting


GlideFast Consulting’s implementation of ServiceNow’s CMDB allowed users to see what hardware was in stock, had low stock, or was on backorder, which has been extremely important in making sure that the thousands of orders per month make it to users who need the right equipment to do their jobs from home.


Through this contract, GlideFast Consulting also helped automate other workflows that make work easier for the agency. For example, GlideFast Consulting implemented an integration to collect print volume data that allows the business office to run a script each month to generate chargeback data across the agency. In addition, the script cuts tasks if there are errors instead of requiring each site to manually collect those print volumes, submit data and manually generate the chargeback values in Excel.

"It’s hard to sum up the importance of GlideFast's role on the program. They have been a crucial member of our team, accomplishing monumental tasks for the agency in a very short time.”

– Nathan Apodaca Leidos VP, Division Manager, Exploration Mission Support

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The Results

GlideFast Consulting completed the first iteration of self-scheduling in only two months, even with the addition of some last-minute additional requirements. Allowing the agency’s users to order hardware and self-schedule installations has been crucial in enabling the performance sites, most of which required customization for their individual needs, to manage the increased demands of the agency’s remote workforce.


In addition, the new automated scripts and processes that GlideFast Consulting implemented saves the business office and print management crews multiple days’ worth of work every month.

The new automated scripts and processes that GlideFast implemented saves the business office and print management crews multiple days’ worth of work every month.

Whether we are improving a regular business workflow or responding to an unprecedented shift in the normal flow of business, GlideFast Consulting is proud to work with Leidos to bring ServiceNow to this agency.

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